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Pets are treated like kings in Queens!

If New York City is the melting pot of the world, then the outer borough of Queens is the blend of herbs and spices that gives the city its authentic flavor. Queens is known for its rich diversity, fantastic art scene, and delectable cuisine. With beautiful parks and attractions like Flushing Meadows, the Queen's Botanical Gardens, and Socrates Sculpture Park, there's no shortage of great places to take a stroll. That goes doubly so if you are a pet parent looking to enjoy a day out in Queens with your pup. The borough has a great selection of beautiful parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and immersive activities perfect for you and your best friend!

And when you find yourself stuck across town working late or having to take a last-minute trip, it'll be easy to find reliable pet care from experienced professionals. Queens is home to some of New York's best pet sitters and dog walkers. Check out Local Pet Care to find a pet care pro now!

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