Local Pet Care helps professional pet care businesses stand out and find new customers.

Pet care businesses can join Local Pet Care by invitation only. You can request an invite or be invited by an existing business listed on Local Pet Care.

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Local Pet Care is brought to you by Time To Pet. Trusted by over 3000 pet care businesses around the world, Time To Pet is modern pet sitting software built for you.

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How do I get an invite?

Local Pet Care is available to pet care businesses by invitation only. You can request an invitation below or you can be invited by an existing business that uses Local Pet Care.

How does it work?

Local Pet Care is completely free for both pet care businesses and pet parents. That's right - 100% free! You won't pay for the listing, for leads, or if you get a new customer. Pet care businesses who use Time To Pet do get a free Featured Listing which includes preferred placement and more visibility to pet parents. Let us know if you have any questions on getting a Featured Listing!

Why Local Pet Care?

Here at Time To Pet - we believe that pet parents deserve the highest level of care for their most trusted companions. We created Local Pet Care because we believe that local, independent pet care professionals deliver the best pet care experience. Our mission is to connect pet parents with the very best in our industry.