The Best Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas in Queens

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Local Pet Care has got you covered if you are looking for some great outdoor spaces to explore with your pup. We'll tell you about the top dog parks in New York City's largest borough—Queens, NY.

Your favorite canine is probably ready for some outdoor time. And if you are in Queens, NY, you are in luck! Queens has some of the best dog parks and dog-friendly parks in the entire city. But how will you decide where to go or how to find the park that fits your pooch best?

No worries! Our list below of the top outdoor dog spaces in Queens will tell you a little about each place. And help you find the one that fits the two of you best. You may find your new favorite spot to take your precious fur baby.

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Now, if you're ready to get outdoors for some much-needed fresh air and exercise with your precious pooch, let's check out the list below!

Queens Dog Shaking Off

The Best Dog Parks, Off-Leash Areas, and Dog-Friendly Parks in Queens, NY:

  1. Underbridge Dog Run

  2. Alley Pond Park Dog Run

  3. Rockaway Freeway Dog Run

  4. Cunningham Park Dog Run

  5. Astoria Park Dog Run

  6. Little Bay Dog Run

  7. Forest Park Barking Lot

  8. K9 Korral Dog Run

  9. Torsney Dog Run

Underbridge Dog Run — 64th Ave. & Grand Central Pkwy, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Underbridge Dog Run is named after the pedestrian bridge that connects it to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. This dog run is a little under a half acre and was recently updated to include an area for both large and smaller dogs. There are benches for humans, pet waste stations, and trash cans. There is a hose for filling water bottles, but it isn't always operating. So it's best to bring your own water. This park operates daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

There are always a lot of canines playing and humans connecting. It is an excellent place for locals, but you'll find a good amount of pets from Manhattan here, too—due to the proximity. The dogs always seem well taken care of, and the pet parents are typically attentive. Overall, it is a great place to let your pup romp around the lightly-grassed run.

Alley Pond Park Dog Run — Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

Located at 76th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard, this park offers a spacious off-leash area for your furry friend to roam and play. Its unique feature is the separate sections for small and large dogs, ensuring a safe environment for all pups.

Queens Dog Sitting on Bench

Rockaway Freeway Dog Run — 83-02 Beach Channel Dr, Queens, NY 11693

Rockaway Freeway Dog Run might be the largest dog run in the area and is a great off-leash dog park. This Queens dog park has three sections. The first area accessible from the main gate is typically for smaller dogs. The main area—which is the largest—has a small walking path that pet parents can use while their canine plays. The third area is a smaller gated area with several pieces of canine agility equipment for dogs to use for playing, training, or lounging.

The Rockaway Freeway Dog Run is a little tricky to find because there isn't a parking area that tells you where to go. Most visitors are either local or park on the street. Also, the fences aren't too tall, which could raise some concerns for canines who love to jump high. But typically, your pup will be too busy sniffing, marking, or playing to worry about escaping. This well-loved local park operates from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

Cunningham Park Dog Run — 193rd St & Radnor Rd, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

Cunningham Park Dog Run operates daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and the locals love it here! The ground is made up of bark and is seasonally refreshed. Pet parents have benches and a water fountain for them and their canines. There is also a pet waste station.

While the off-leash dog run is always nice, the bigger draw is the park at large. Cunningham Park is one of the larger parks in Queens and has plenty of space for you and your fur baby to go on walks and practice leash training. You'll love spending time with your favorite canine at this park, with its beautiful grounds, picnic areas, playgrounds, and much more.

Astoria Park Dog Run — 19 19th St, Astoria, NY 11105

Situated in the heart of Astoria at 19th Street and Hoyt Avenue, this dog run provides stunning views of the Manhattan skyline while your pup enjoys some off-leash fun. The park also has a dedicated swimming area for dogs, perfect for those hot summer days!

Queens NY View of City

Little Bay Dog Run — 14th Rd. & Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, NY 11357

Little Bay Dog Run has an area for small dogs and large dogs. There is a double-gated entry, often a plastic pool for pups to play in, and a tight-knit community of dog lovers. The ground surface is gravel that can get hot on those sunny summer days, but mix that with the pool, and it isn't too bad. It's a good idea to bring a towel to wipe your pup off after playing in the pool because that gravel can get everywhere.

The Little Bay Dog Run is a part of Little Bay Park. This park has excellent walking trails, views, and even a pier to enjoy. You'll see people of all ages using this park, and lots of pet parents love this park for walking their pups. At the right time, you could get some great sunset pictures with Throgs Neck Bridge in the background.

Forest Park Barking Lot — 80-30 Park Ln, Queens, NY 11415

The Forest Park Barking Lot might be Queens's favorite off-leash dog area. It is a part of a more extensive park with excellent fall foliage, walking, biking trails, and of course, a large off-leash area. There are two fenced-in areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs. It has pet waste stations, benches for humans, and plenty of canines running around. The ground surface is dirt and should be considered after rain. The owners are pretty attentive, and the dogs are largely well-mannered.

Happy Queens Dog Getting Pets

K9 Korral Dog Run — 8445 Park Ln S, Queens, NY 11412

Located in the Woodhaven area of Queens is K9 Korral Dog Run. This park has an area for large and small breed dogs to play separately, plus a water fountain. There are plenty of benches for humans, and the canines are pretty friendly. Typically, tennis balls are lying around, and there is a nice hill to help wear out your pup.

There are a couple of non-regulation pieces of canine agility equipment here. If your pup is used to standard equipment, use caution with these. This is a heavily-used park in the evening, and some pet parents can be distracted from their cleanup responsibilities. Overall, this is another excellent place for you and your pup to enjoy the day.

Torsney Dog Run — 4000-4048 Skillman Ave, Sunnyside, NY 11104

Torsney Dog Run is a nice, clean dog park in a great location. In the summer months, there are several plastic pools for pups to play or lay in. There is a hose to fill those water bottles and dog bowls and plenty of benches for the humans to relax on. This is one of those parks that doesn't have a lot of amenities but offers so much regarding socializing and cleanliness. If your idea of a good dog park is room to play and dogs to play with, this might be your new favorite spot.

Queens Dog Waiting For Park

Dog-Friendly Outdoor Spaces in Queens, NY

Can you believe how many fantastic dog parks and off-leash areas there are for you and your pup to enjoy in and around Queens, NY? Queens could be a good fit for you and your four-legged best friend if you love being outside with your pup. It's clear that pet parents are on the move with their furry best friends in this borough.

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