The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Queens, NY

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Bringing your well-behaved fur baby with you to lunch is one of the most fun pet-parent activities. But where can you go? If you're looking for the best dog-friendly restaurants and eateries in Queens, NY… We've got the list for that!

Whether you live in Queens or planning a trip to NYC—there are more than enough dog-friendly things to do and places to eat with your furry best friend. The "dog-friendly restaurant" scene continues to grow in popularity, and Queens is not missing out on that. So get ready for some great grub with your furry best friend, and check out which dog-friendly restaurants we think are the best in Queens, NY.

If you're looking for other fun, dog-friendly things to do in and around Queens… Check out their many dog parks and off-leash areas! You can both get some much-needed fresh air and exercise on a dog-friendly trail, or you can sit back and relax as your pup makes new canine friends.

And if you don't have the time or physical capability to take your pooch on a doggy date or to a dog park, you can hire a dog walker! Click here to type in your zip code, and Local Pet Care will help you find the best dog walkers, pet sitters, and pet groomers in Queens, NY.

But if you're feeling hungry and you're ready to go… Let's jump into the list!

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The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars in Queens:

  1. LIC Bar

  2. Astoria Bier and Cheese

  3. No Stress Coffee

  4. Bareburger

  5. Château Le Woof

  6. The Lowery

  7. Martha's Country Bakery

  8. Brookside Market: Coffee and Kitchen

  9. Luna's Kitchen & Bar

  10. Cafe 1 of a Kind

LIC Bar — Long Island City

LIC Bar has been around longer than all the other hipster places in the Long Island City area of Queens. LIC (Long Island City) has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in Queens and has thus attracted a lot of great new businesses. But only a few have the 100-year-old-history of LIC Bar.

If you follow LIC Bar on social media, you'll realize they are more than a bar. They have live music events, offer event planning, and host weddings. On Sundays, you'll often find live music as a part of their Fireplace Concert Series; on Wednesdays, they have even more live music. In addition, they have many other events you can find on their social media pages. And all of this at a dog-friendly establishment!

While pups are allowed on the pet-friendly patio, there have also been sightings of canines joining their pet parents indoors. But why sit inside when they have such a warm and inviting patio out back?

This is a great spot to enjoy the evening with an extensive beer menu, single-malt Scotch, and various mixed drinks. If you time it right, you'll have a warm fire, live music, and views of Manhattan, all with your furry best friend.

Astoria Bier and Cheese — Astoria

Astoria Bier and Cheese is a unique spot that offers an impressive selection of craft beers and artisanal cheeses. They have a dog-friendly outdoor seating area where your furry friend can join you for a meal. The restaurant's menu features a variety of cheese boards, sandwiches, and salads, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their beer list is extensive and constantly changing, offering something new to try each time you visit. Located in the heart of Astoria, this restaurant is a must-visit for any foodie and their canine companion.

Queens NY Dog Sitting in Patio

No Stress Coffee — Long Island City

No Stress Coffee is a must for anyone near Long Island City. This is one of the area's favorite coffee shops, and you'll notice that by the long line out the door almost every morning. But don't let the line deter you—they move fast and never miss a beat with your order.

This is a pet-friendly establishment with a lot to offer. While the inside is relatively small, there are a few tables outside, which are very welcoming to all humans and their canines. In addition, this place has fantastic hand-crafted beverages—coffee, chai, tea, etc.—and some of the best almond croissants in the entire city.

Bareburger — Forest Hills

Bareburger is a popular burger joint known for its organic, all-natural ingredients. They welcome dogs at their outdoor tables, making it a great place to grab a bite with your pet. What sets Bareburger apart is their commitment to sustainability and their use of locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes a wide range of options, from classic beef burgers to more adventurous choices like bison or elk.

Queens NY Dog Waiting for Coffee Shop

Château Le Woof — Astoria

How can you not be dog-friendly with a name like Château Le Woof? Well, this place is more than just pet-friendly. They love dogs here! This establishment is a blend of owner Natassa Contini's two main passions: coffee and animals. It is a quaint, quirky coffee shop, bar, and pet store combination that pet parents will fall in love with.

Château Le Woof serves food, cafe drinks, and adult beverages. It also has a pet market and grooming services and even throws parties. This is a dog lover's dream.

If you are visiting Queens or have recently moved to the area, this should be your first stop. From here, you'll meet pet parents from all backgrounds. You'll get tips on the best dog parks for different times of the day, restaurants, bars, and more. It is the perfect spot for you and your fur baby to get the lay of the land and not waste time figuring it out on your own. This is a must for pet parents in Queens, NY.

The Lowery — Sunnyside

The Lowery is a great local watering hole in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens. There are several outdoor tables where your furry family member is welcome to join you. The true magic of this establishment is the relaxing vibe and the staff that carries that vibe outside to your table.

They have great food—including a great brunch menu! The Lowery is also known for having some of the best burgers in Queens. Yet another excellent option for pet parents.

Martha's Country Bakery — Bayside

Martha's Country Bakery is a family-owned business known for its delicious baked goods. Dogs are allowed at their outdoor tables, so you can enjoy a sweet treat with your furry friend by your side. From cakes to cookies to pies, Martha's has something for every sweet tooth. Their cozy, welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and indulge.

Queens NY Dog Waiting For Patio

Brookside Market: Coffee and Kitchen — Sunnyside

Brookside Market: Coffee and Kitchen is a popular place for coffee lovers and pet parents in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens. What makes this a fan favorite for pet parents is the beautiful "backyard."

They serve Stumptown Coffee—if you are a fan—and offer fresh food like avocado mash toast, vegetarian wraps, and even a coconut matcha latte. The staff carries this place well with how they interact with the customers—both human and canine.

Luna's Kitchen & Bar — Jackson Heights

Luna's Kitchen & Bar is another one of the most dog-friendly places to eat in Queens. Not only do they have a pet-friendly patio, but they also have a staff that is attentive to both pet parents and their dogs. They often offer a bowl of water and occasionally a treat for your pup. The food and drinks here are great. It is locally owned and a newer business that started in 2019. Get out and support this place!

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Cafe 1 of a Kind — Douglaston

Cafe 1 of a Kind is located in the Douglaston neighborhood of Queens. This popular, dog-friendly restaurant offers some unique flavors and has a pet-friendly patio that seasonally grows in size with the help of a temporary event tent.

If you and your fur baby find yourselves in the neighborhood, stop in and try out this amazing eatery. The food never disappoints, but you should definitely try their Taiyaki filled with Nutella. These fish-shaped cookies are delicious!

What Is There to Do in Queens with Dogs?

Now that you've read about all these incredible dog-friendly eateries in Queens, NY, I don't think you'll be wondering what to do, or where to go with your canine anymore! You'll always have plenty to do and explore together.

Queens is probably the most dog-friendly borough in NYC. So don't hesitate to check out the Queens area on your next visit—or be afraid to make Queens home for you and your furry family members. You can try a new place every weekend until you find your favorite pet-friendly restaurant in town.

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