Where to Adopt a Dog, Cat, or Pet in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a new puppy or kitten? Great! We'll tell you the best places to adopt a pet in Minneapolis and why you should adopt.

How Can I Find a Puppy in My Area?

Are you thinking about adding a new little furball to your family? Congrats! And if you started looking for a puppy in your area but are unsure where to go, no worries! We've got a list of all the Minneapolis animal shelters and rescues—plus the Minneapolis Humane Society—Listed below just for you. There are more than enough cats and dogs ready to be adopted into their new, loving forever home.

And if you'd rather take a look online first, we have those options for you too. Most animal shelters and animal rescues have listings of their available pets online. Or, if you want to check out all the adoptable pets in your area, you can check out one of the main online pet adoption websites.

They will help you narrow down the type of pet, gender, age, and even breed mix you're looking for. And you can filter the available pets by how far of a distance you're willing to drive. You'll even get to see pictures of these cats and dogs and a description of their personality, needs, and whether or not they're good with kids and other animals.

Minneapolis Cat Available to Adopt

Why Adopt a Dog in Minneapolis?

If you're still deciding between adopting a pet versus purchasing a purebred or a designer breed from a reputable breeder, think about this. Many adorable, loving cats and dogs are available and waiting for you at Humane Societies, shelters, and rescues.

They are already alive and in need of a new loving home. Plus, a shelter dog will be much cheaper to adopt than purchasing from a breeder. And your sweet, mixed-breed shelter pup will be way more unique!

Adopting a pet helps to alleviate the problem of pet overpopulation in shelters. According to the ASPCA, a study by the Shelter Animals Count organization in 2019 showed that "approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter US animal shelters nationwide every year." And of those 6.3 million pets, only "4.1 million shelter animals are adopted each year."

Although many cats and dogs do get adopted each year, there are too many that don't. And they need someone like you to give them the love and care they deserve.

Minneapolis Humane Society, Animal Rescues & Animal Shelters

The places listed below are all physical locations in Minneapolis of animal shelters, rescues, and humane societies that you can check out in person. They each have a website to tell you their prices and show you the dogs and cats available at their particular location. You can even stop in to talk with a staff member in person.

  1. Animal Humane Society

  2. Minnesota Humane Society

  3. Warrior Dog Rescue

  4. Minneapolis Animal Care/Control

  5. Save-a-Bull Rescue

  6. Doberman Rescue Minnesota

  7. Underdog Rescue MN

  8. Midwest Animal Rescue & Services

  9. Pet Haven Inc of MN

  10. Secondhand Hounds

  11. Feline Rescue

Minneapolis Adopted Dog Watching Park

Pet Adoption Websites

These websites will help you filter all available pets for adoption from all the rescues and shelters listed above. Instead of being overwhelmed with all the choices and possibilities in person, you can search online and filter through them ahead of time. The sites will help you find the right pet, breed, personality, gender, and age of dog or cat. You'll even find out information about their personalities, needs, and abilities to live with other pets or kids.

  1. AdoptAPet.com

  2. AKC Rescue Network

  3. ASPCA

  4. Dog Rescue MN

  5. PetFinder.com

What Do Shelters Provide Animals?

Reputable animal shelters, humane societies, and animal rescues will "provide animals with food, water, and medical care; protection from the elements; relief from suffering; and a caring human presence. Many times, these animals would have nowhere else to turn. Socially conscious animal shelters provide a humane alternative to supporting the cruel pet trade with your money."

Do your research, and check out the shelter which you are planning on adopting from. Make sure they meet the necessary standards to give every animal the love and care they deserve.

Minneapolis Adopted Dog in Field

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt a Dog or Cat in Minnesota?

The prices to adopt a dog in Minnesota depend on the place you adopt from, the species, the breed, and how old the pet is. Dogs are more expensive than cats, and the younger the animal is, the more expensive they are. And, of course, purebreds are more expensive than mixed breeds.

Each animal shelter or rescue will also have its own expenses they have to cover for the care of the animals. And the adoption fees usually include up-to-date vaccinations for the pet and the spay or neuter surgery. Below are some examples of prices to adopt a dog or cat in Minneapolis. Be sure to check these directly with each shelter or rescue as they can and do change.

Secondhand Hounds

Adopting a cat or dog ranges from $100 to $600, depending on the animal's age.

Animal Humane Society

Dogs and puppies: $118‒$667

Cats and kittens: $34‒$276

Birds, rabbits, and other small mammals: $8‒$173

Doberman Rescue Minnesota


Under 1 year: $400

1-7 years: $350

8 years and older: $150

Doberman Mixes

Under 1 year: $350

1-7 years: $300

8 years and older: $150

How Old Do You Have to Be to Adopt a Dog?

The minimum age to adopt a dog or cat anywhere in the United States is just 18 years old. Like any other legal matter, you have to be a legal adult because you are taking responsibility for an animal's life and wellbeing. And make sure to bring your up-to-date state ID when you decide to adopt your special pup or kitten. The animal shelter or rescue will ask to see it.

Minneapolis Adopted German Shepherd

What Is a Puppy Mill?

Beware of anyone who is selling their puppies on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at a flea market. They could be products of puppy mills. Even certain pet stores like Petland are known for selling puppy mill dogs.

Dogs from puppy mills are not properly or humanely taken care of. They don't receive adequate nutrition, exercise, or health care and are usually locked up most or all of the time. And sadly, the dogs used for breeding are often overworked. And it's common for inbreeding to happen—which causes more health issues for those puppies.

Purchasing one of these pets only further supports these inhumane practices. Instead, if you are aware of any puppy mills, you can report them here. After a puppy mill is shut down, these dogs will be distributed to local animal shelters and rescues who will humanely and responsibly take care of them. And will then help find them a new adoptive home.

How Can I Get a Free Cat?

Typically, I would warn against getting a free cat or dog from someone—because of issues like puppy mills. But if you reach out to your local, reputable shelters and rescues, and they happen to be overrun with kittens, they may be willing to waive the adoption fees to help alleviate their overpopulation and financial stress.

Adopt a Pet in Minneapolis, MN Today

Adopting a cat or dog is an exciting decision and a fun new journey. Just make sure to always choose reputable animal shelters, rescues, and humane societies that genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of the animals they are responsible for. If not need to find the best dog-friendly restaurants in Minneapolis or a great dog park in town, we've got you covered there too!

So what are you waiting for? Your new furry ball of joy could be out there waiting for you right now. Become a pet parent today!

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