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Minneapolis loves its four-legged friends!

Skol Vikings! In Minneapolis, a “bit of snow” could mean a light dusting or a foot and a half. No matter how much snow gets dumped, you can’t dampen the mood of a true Minnesotan. As the bigger half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is an urban oasis fully equipped with bountiful bike lanes, walkable lake trails, beautiful parks, and an exciting restaurant scene. Everything a pet parent could ever want! Weather permitting, you could have the perfect day walking your pup around Bde Maka Ska Lake and then grabbing a delicious milk stout at Inboud BrewCo. If the snow is really coming down, curl up on the couch with your cat, grab a pop and watch the Vikes put the hurt on the Packers.

As Minneapolis continues to grow, it attracts more pet owners and pet lovers to the city. That means there will always be something fun to do with your pets. Whether you’re taking a walk around Lake Harriet or building an igloo in the snow with your pups, Minneapolis is sure to deliver on a good time. And when the good time involves spending time away from your pets, or taking care of business away from home, rest easy knowing that Minneapolis has some exceptional dog walkers and pet sitters. We make it easy to find the best Local Pet Care for you and your pets. And we’re happy to do it, you betcha — dontcha know.

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