The Best Dog Parks in Louisville, KY

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Is Louisville a dog-friendly city? Absolutely! There are plenty of dog parks, off-leash areas, and trails around Louisville, KY, for you and your furry best friend to explore together.

The four seasons and beautiful views make Louisville, KY, a great place to be outdoors all year round! Whether you want to take your pup to a dog park to make friends, go for a run on a dog-friendly trail, or simply take in a beautiful hilltop view… Louisville, KY, is the place to be! And it's definitely a dog-friendly city.

We'll tell you all about the best on-leash and off-leash spots in town to take your pup and what each one has to offer. Some have water. Some have shade. Some have fences, and some do not. But they'll all be great choices for a doggy fun day with your furry best friend.

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But first things first… let's figure out where you're going to take your pup next!

Louisville Dogs Playing in Park

The 9 Best Dog Parks, Off-Leash Areas, and Dog-Friendly Parks in Louisville, KY:

  1. Morton Avenue Dog Park

  2. Cochran Hill Dog Run

  3. The Barklands of Floyds Fork

  4. Iroquois Park

  5. Old Louisville Dog Run

  6. Champions Dog Run

  7. Garvin Brown Nature Preserve

  8. Sawyer Dog Park

  9. Vettiner Dog Run

Morton Avenue Dog Park — 1500-1518 Morton Ave, Louisville, KY 40204

While Louisville, KY, has a lot of dog parks, Morton Avenue Dog Park—sometimes referred to as Morton Street Dog Park—is one of the only free dog parks in the city. But don't worry, it still has plenty to offer! Morton Avenue Dog Park is about an acre of flat space for your dog to run around like a maniac and do their zoomies.

There are always plenty of toys to be shared and dogs to share them with. Plus, the chairs, shade umbrellas, and large trees make it a pleasant experience for pet parents.

Because this park is run by volunteers, there is a great community feel at this park. It is apparent the pets and pet parents who frequent this park take great pride in it.

Cochran Hill Dog Run — 740 Cochran Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40206

If you live in the Highlands, this might be your fur baby's new favorite spot. This dog run is located inside the nearly 400-acre Cherokee Park in the heart of Louisville. The dog run is roughly 3 acres with separate sections for small and large dogs.

The Cochran Hill Dog Run is clean and well-taken care of. There are benches, gazebos, and pet waste stations. Plus, there is water available for both humans and canines. You'll often find tennis balls or ropes supplied here, and don't be surprised when the kiddie pools come out for your pooch to cool down on those hot summer days.

This dog run is a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of their dog runs.

Louisville Dog Enjoying the Camera

The Barklands of Floyds Fork — Beckley Creek Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40245

The Barklands of Floyds Fork is a beautiful dog park. Located in Beckley Creek Park, it is one of the newest dog parks in the Louisville Dog Run Association. From the moment you walk towards the park, you can see the thoughtfulness and creativity that went into the creation of this park.

With bones etched into the sidewalk, fire hydrants rising from the green lawn, and toys spread across the field… you know you're in doggy heaven. This park has all the necessities but with a beautiful design.

There are three designated areas—small dogs, large dogs, and resting lawns. If you and your pup are looking for a community, this might be the park for you since there seem to be plenty of planned meetups and celebrations.

This dog park is also a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of its dog runs.

Iroquois Park — 2120 Rundill Rd, Louisville, KY 40214

Iroquois Park is a large urban park that welcomes dogs on leashes. It offers stunning views from the top of Iroquois Hill, and its network of trails is perfect for walks or runs with your dog. The park also features a playground and picnic areas.

Louisville Dog Running in Field

Old Louisville Dog Run — 1215 S Brook St, Louisville, KY 40203

Old Louisville Dog Run is a part of Toonerville Trolley Park, located in the heart of the Old Louisville neighborhood. This dog run is just a tad over 2 acres in size and has two separate 110' x 115' sections. But keep in mind, there's only street parking.

Old Louisville—Ol' Ville—Dog Run is an excellent spot for your downtown dog. There is enough room for smaller dogs to do zoomies and for larger rambunctious dogs to get some energy out and play together.

It is entirely fenced-in with kiddie pools for cooling off, a water spigot with a hose, a few bowls, pet waste stations, and benches for pet parents. This dog run is also a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of their dog runs.

Louisville Skyline at Dusk

Champions Dog Run — 2050 River Rd, Louisville, KY 40206

Champions Dog Run is a newer park along the River Road Recreation Corridor that includes Louisville Soccer Park. The Champions Dog Run is a little over 3.5 acres and has two different sections for small and large dogs to play separately. Drinking fountains are available for humans and canines, pet waste stations, and a lot of space for the pups to romp and play.

This park is unique because it sits on the rolling hills of an old golf course. It has beautiful views, shade from the weeping willow trees, a large amount of space, and it's always well-maintained.

This dog run is also a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of their dog runs.

Garvin Brown Nature Preserve — 6200 Bass Rd, Prospect, KY 40059

Garvin Brown Preserve is a hidden gem in Louisville. This nature preserve allows dogs on leash and offers beautiful views of the Ohio River. It's a peaceful place to walk your dog and enjoy nature.

Sawyer Dog Park — 3000 Freys Hill Rd, Louisville, KY 40241

Sawyer Dog Park is a part of E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park in eastern Louisville. The dog run is in the northeast corner of the park and takes up almost six acres of the nearly 400-acre park. This park was created in 2004 and was the first off-leash area in Louisville. And this park is largely responsible for what became the Louisville Dog Run Association that pet parents love today.

This park is always clean, beautifully landscaped, and conveniently located just off Westport Road as an urban escape. The dog run is sectioned off into three separate areas: one for dogs under 30 lbs., and the other two have no set restrictions.

You'll also find some trails, pet waste stations, access to water, and so much more. Because this park is in the woods, your pups will often find themselves getting dirty, but there is also a pet washing station here. This might be the best of the best when it comes to dog runs in Louisville, KY!

This dog park is also a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of its dog runs.

Louisville Dog on a Hike

Vettiner Dog Run — Somer Rd, Louisville, KY 40299

Vettiner Dog Run is located inside the 283-acre Charlie Vettiner Park in southeastern Louisville. You can find this dog running along the park's south end behind the tennis courts. It is nearly two acres in size and is equally divided between the "small dog" side and the "any size dog" side.

Vettiner Dog Run offers benches for humans, access to water, pet waste stations, and trash receptacles. You and your pup will enjoy this dog run's beautiful scenery. You'll get the shaded nature of the woods and amazing views of Charlie Vettiner Park from atop a hill.

It isn't as busy as some other parks and is the perfect spot for you and your pup on a chill day. Plus, Charlie Vettiner Park has some nice on-leash walking trails too.

This dog run is also a part of the Louisville Dog Run Association, which requires a $35 membership fee and a vetting process for access to all of their dog runs.

Dog-Friendly Places in Louisville, KY

With this many fantastic dog parks, dog runs, and dog-friendly parks, it's easy to see how pet-friendly Louisville, KY, really is! This city really makes an effort to welcome its four-legged citizens. So you and your precious pooch will always have dog-friendly things to do or places to go in Louisville, KY.

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