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Are dogs welcome at restaurants in Louisville, KY? Which restaurant patios in Louisville are dog-friendly? We've got all the insider info about the best pet-friendly restaurants in town!

If you want to check out a city that might welcome canines more than humans, Louisville, KY, is the place. Louisville has a great dog scene! So if you and your pooch are looking to relocate, you might want to seriously consider Louisville, KY. Whether you live here or visit, we'll help you find the best dog-friendly restaurants, other dog-friendly activities, and local pet care options for your little fur baby.

Louisville has a lot of beautiful places to visit. With their large parks, historic homes, and life on the river, you're sure to be close to some great nature wherever you go. Even better, it's a very dog-friendly city. You may not realize how many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Louisville have pet-friendly patios, but we'll help you find the best ones! Most restaurants with outdoor seating will let you bring your pup along. But it's always good to double-check ahead of time.

Our list below will give you a little insider information about what each restaurant has to offer... both for you and your pup!

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And if you need some tremendous local pet care in your area, click here to find the best dog walkers, cat sitters, pet groomers, and more—all in and around Louisville. Whatever your doggy needs may be, we've got you covered. Now let's get on to this delicious list!

Louisville Dog At Cafe

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries in Louisville, KY:

  1. Heine Brothers Organic Fair Trade Coffee

  2. PG&J's Dog Park Bar

  3. Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe

  4. Molly Malone's

  5. Seeds and Greens Natural Market & Deli

  6. Garage Bar

  7. Saints Pizza Pub & Sky Bar

  8. Club K9 Dog Bar

  9. Vines Wine Bar and Spirit Shop

  10. Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse

Heine Brothers Organic Fair Trade Coffee — St. Matthews

There are several Heine Brothers Organic Fair Trade Coffee locations around the greater Louisville area with dog-friendly patios, but not all of those patios are created equally. The St. Matthews location has one of the better patios and is a favorite for pet parents to get a quality cup of coffee—and other treats.

Heine Brothers loves pups of all kinds. The patio is very welcoming to dogs, and employees love dogs! They will even offer your pooch a pup cup.

PG&J's Dog Park Bar — Highlands

With Louisville's first-ever dog park and bar combo—PG&J's Dog Park Bar—you'll never need to feel guilty for leaving your pup behind again. At this dog-focused establishment, you can come to expect things like Howl-i-day Pawties, Hero Dog Award Ceremonies, and much more.

PG&J's Dog Park Bar combined the owners' two greatest loves—beer and dogs—into one great place. Here you and your furry mate can experience an indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park where you can relax, socialize, and grab a drink. They offer local coffees, craft beers, wines, cocktails, and more. On Friday and Saturday nights, there are several local food trucks set up outside to satisfy your hunger.

To enjoy this establishment with your pup, you'll need to register your dog and pay for a pass. You can learn all about that here.

Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe — Crescent Hill

Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe is a charming spot located in the Crescent Hill neighborhood. Known for their artisan breads and pastries, they also serve a delicious brunch menu. Dogs are welcome on their outdoor patio where water bowls are provided. The cafe's name itself reflects their love for dogs, making it a truly unique place to dine.

Louisville Bridge and Skyline

Molly Malone's — Highlands

A dog-friendly Irish Pub in the Highlands seems too good to be true, but Molly Malone's delivers! Walking up to the stone wall, black metal tables, and the classic dark green colors of Ireland, you'll quickly know the exact vibe they are going for.

Molly Malone's has a great pet-friendly outdoor patio. It's spacious enough for a couple of large dogs to join you at your table for a pint of Guinness or a nice plate of bangers and mash. And the staff is very attentive to those sitting outside—especially the four-legged visitors.

If you are in the Highlands area or looking for a place to watch the English Premier League, this is a place you and your pampered pooch can find like-minded friends.

Seeds and Greens Natural Market & Deli — New Albany

Seeds and Greens Natural Market & Deli is located across the river in New Albany, IN. This establishment has a dog-friendly patio—where flowers and vegetables are grown—with seating for 40. The cafe serves healthy hot and cold sandwiches, paninis, salads, breakfast items, smoothies, and coffee drinks. Here you can expect something healthy and a rotating menu with keto, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The Market portion of this business sells organic and natural groceries, supplements, CBD oils, homeopathic remedies, and much more. If you are looking for local honey or grass-fed beef, they have it here. Perhaps you want safe cleaning products or bulk herbs and spices; they've got that too!

Seeds and Greens Natural Market & Deli is an experience for you and your four-legged fur ball.

Garage Bar — NuLu

Garage Bar, located in the NuLu neighborhood, is a trendy spot housed in an old garage. They serve wood-fired pizzas and Southern-inspired dishes. Their outdoor seating area is dog-friendly and even features a mini dog park. This makes Garage Bar a fun and unique place for both you and your pet.

Louisville Dog Sitting Next to Woman on Patio

Saints Pizza Pub & Sky Bar — St. Matthews

As an easygoing place to grab a pizza pie, Saints Pizza Pub & Sky Bar has created a local favorite spot to catch a game with your best canine pal. When you arrive, the employees may swoon over your pup. And chances are you'll have people competing for who gets to bring your dog a water bowl. To say this place is pet-friendly is an understatement.

Regarding the food and space, the patio is big enough for larger breeds to feel comfortable, and several tables get plenty of shade too. The food is delicious, and there is never a shortage of cheese on their pizzas. They have pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and of course, beer. Don't hesitate to come here to watch a game with new friends and old ones.

Club K9 Dog Bar — Jeffersontown

At Club K9 Dog Bar, you can experience a place designed for pet parents and their fur babies to get a one-of-a-kind experience at a venue designed for them. Dog lovers will spend the evening watching their pups meet new friends while enjoying 7,000 square feet of off-leash space.

The space is designed for all four seasons, with heat and air-conditioned space provided. There is a separate small dog area, a splash pad, a dog wash station, and even a pool in the summer months. For humans, there is a full-service bar, a rotating food truck selection, and plenty of televisions to watch the games.

To enjoy this facility, you'll need to be proactive. There is a fee for your pup's access, and your dog will need to go through a vetting process too. Check it out here.

Louisville Dog Sitting on Lap at Dinner

Vines Wine Bar & Spirit Shop — Highlands

Vine Wine Bar & Spirit Shop—often called "vines and canines" by the pet community—is the original dog-friendly wine bar and retail shop. They change their wines regularly and do their best to keep up with the bourbon world. The Vines Wine Bar believes there are only two necessities: a good dog and a great bottle of wine.

The space is located in the Highlands neighborhood and has a faithful community of patrons. If you are looking for a lovely space to have a glass of wine, play some board games, and hang out, this could be the spot you and your pup are looking for.

Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse — East Market

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse is a unique spot for dog lovers. They offer a wide variety of craft beers and smoked meats that are sure to satisfy any palate. Their outdoor patio is not only spacious but also dog-friendly, making it a perfect place to enjoy a meal with your furry friend. The staff is known for their friendly service towards both humans and dogs alike.

Dogs Are Allowed at Restaurants in Louisville, KY

If you haven't realized how friendly Louisville is to dogs, you should go check it out yourself. This town loves dogs just as much as you do. And they do their best to make all four-legged friends feel welcomed on the outdoor patios of each restaurant—including some that are awkward if you don't have a pup. So now it's time to pick out your favorites and give them a try! You never know which one might become your new usual hangout.

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