The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Boise, ID

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Beers, burgers, views, and your furry best friend by your side. Does life in Boise get any better? Check out the top dog-friendly restaurants in Boise, ID!

Boise is known as an outdoor lover's paradise, but it seems like they love to pair it with loving pups. There are many places to go and things to do with your sweet pup around this growing city. Whether you're looking for the best burger in town, the best wines in the region, or anything in between… Boise has it!

Many restaurants, bars, and breweries are adding pet-friendly patios to their establishments because they know how much pet parents like to spend time with their furbabies.

And if you're looking for some great dog parks where you and your pup can get some fresh air outdoors, Boise has plenty of those! There are numerous dog parks, dog-friendly state parks, and dog-friendly hiking trails in and around Boise.

Or if you need to find some great pet care professionals, we can help with that too. Click here to type in your zip code, and we'll show you all of the best dog walkers and pet sitters near you.

But if you're starting to salivate and are ready to get some grub with your gorgeous doggo… check out our list of the best eateries below.

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The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars in Boise, ID:

  1. Eureka!

  2. Bar Gernika

  3. Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant

  4. Telaya Wine Co.

  5. Boise Fry Company

  6. Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

  7. Trolley House

  8. Juniper

  9. Sandbar Patio Bar & Grill

  10. Fork Restaurant

  11. Lost Grove Brewing

  12. Big City Coffee & Cafe

Eureka! — Downtown

Eureka! What a great name for a high-quality, pet-friendly restaurant! Here you'll get the chance to eat downtown with your pup by your side at one of their outdoor tables. On the patio, they will bring out patio heaters for those cooler days.

The menu is highlighted by a vast whiskey and bourbon selection, but the food is pretty darn good too! The Fresno Fig burger with fries and a piece of Bourbon Barrel Cake to top it off are just some of the options here. This is a fan favorite for pet parents.

Bar Gernika — Basque Block

Bar Gernika is a cozy and welcoming spot known for its delicious Basque cuisine. Their dog-friendly patio offers a perfect setting to enjoy their famous lamb burgers or mouthwatering croquetas. Visit their website at to explore their menu and plan your visit.

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Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant — Meridian

Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant gives you an authentic taste of Thailand with a pet-friendly patio. A couple of years ago, they even had individual pods with heaters during the colder seasons, making it perfect for your pampered pooch.

The food is fantastic, and the wait staff is very attentive. They offer a Thai Menu with delicious curries and plenty of vegetarian options. So if you love Thai but are sick of leaving your pup behind, head to Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant and have it.

Telaya Wine Co. — Garden City

Sitting next to the Boise River Greenbelt, Telaya Wine Co. is a favorite for pet parents to enjoy a glass of wine with their pup. The patio has a beautiful lawn your dog will find quite comfortable to simply lounge and watch people, bikes, and other dogs going down the greenway.

For a glimpse into how pet-friendly this establishment is—one of the owners is actually a veterinarian!

On another note, the wines are top-notch here. You'll get to taste some of the best wines the northwest United States has to offer. They have flights—even blind flights—for you to hone in on your pallet and discover new favorites.

Boise Fry Company — Multiple Locations

If you're craving some tasty fries, Boise Fry Company is the place to be. This dog-friendly joint allows you to customize your own fry masterpiece with various potato types and an array of unique dipping sauces.

Boise ID Dog With People Drinking Wine

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse — Highlands

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse sits almost as a gatekeeper to the Harrison Hollow trailhead. This brewery prides itself on offering handcrafted ales and delicious foods. They were the first microbrewery in Boise—established in 1992—and have since grown a loyal following.

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse has seven tables on its patio designated as pet-friendly. This makes for a great place to stop on your way home from the mountains. Sit back and have a handcrafted pint and a pile of fries. Their portions are seriously huge. Or stop by on Wednesday and enjoy live music from 6-9 PM. Regardless of when you show up, you'll be glad you did!

Trolley House — Warm Springs

East of downtown on E. Warm Springs Ave, the Trolley House has been doing business since 1976. This family-owned restaurant serves generous portions of quality classic American food. This Boise staple is open seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

When you arrive, you'll see a pet-friendly patio right out front. Let the server know you have a pup, and they will bring you a water bowl. However, you'll need to time it right to grab one of their pet-friendly tables because this spot is popular with locals.

Juniper — Downtown

Offering a unique blend of American and international flavors, Juniper is a dog-friendly gem located in downtown Boise. Their innovative cocktails and carefully curated menu will leave you and your pup satisfied.

The Sandbar Patio Bar & Grill — Garden City

The Sandbar Patio Bar & Grill is a seasonal establishment along the Boise River Greenbelt with views of the Boise River. This restaurant is a part of the Riverside Hotel and is open spring through fall. The best way to get the exact open-and-close dates is to follow them on one of their social media platforms.

The restaurant is focused on being tucked between the hotel pool and the greenway, making it a great place to enjoy an evening with your pup. The greenway is typically active enough to keep your dog from getting bored and into mischief, and the food and drinks are definitely good enough to satisfy you. A true win-win at The Sandbar Patio Bar & Grill!

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Fork Restaurant — Downtown

Fork Restaurant is a staple in downtown Boise and has been in business for over 23 years. They were farm-to-table before it became a buzzword. The owners developed a "loyal to local" pledge that pushes them to source from farmers, ranchers, and breweries that are as close to home as possible.

That has made this restaurant increasingly popular over the years, and we encourage you to make a reservation. If you want one of their pet-friendly outdoor tables, it is almost imperative you make reservations. The staff is attentive to you and your pup—often bringing out a bowl of water. You'll definitely enjoy your time here and feel like you are a part of the family.

Lost Grove Brewing — Multiple Locations

If you're looking for a dog-friendly brewery with a vibrant atmosphere, Lost Grove Brewing is the place to be. Sip on their handcrafted beers while enjoying their spacious patio with your furry companion by your side. Check out their website at for more information and upcoming events.

Big City Coffee & Cafe — Linen District

What would any pet-friendly establishment list be without coffee? Big City Coffee & Cafe is much more than a cookie-cutter coffee shop. They offer some of your favorite treats but put a Big City Coffee twist on them. You can expect things like Mexican Chocolate Mochas, Apple Pie Scones, and Tamale Breakfast Platters.

And did we mention they have six dog-friendly tables on their patio? Big City Coffee & Cafe has what you are looking for and is worth a visit with your furbaby.

Boise ID Dog at Coffee Shop

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Boise, ID

Can you believe how many amazing and unique dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and breweries are in Boise? Each spot has its own flavor, cozy patio, and individual twist on the cuisine. The only downside to having so many great, dog-friendly restaurants is having to pick just one to try first. So make sure to try them all!

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