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Winston-Salem loves its four-legged friends!

Winston-Salem, NC, is a city that was built upon the tobacco industry. It's often referred to as "Camel City" because of the famous cigarette brand. But don't worry, there's more to this town than just its tobacco roots.

Winston-Salem is also home to numerous colleges and universities. And it is beautifully located right in between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. North Carolina is known for its gorgeous weather, sunny blue skies, and plentiful beaches. What else could you want in a hometown?

How about dog-friendliness? Winston-Salem has many pet-friendly hotels and many dog-friendly restaurants like The Quiet Pint Tavern and the Camel City BBQ Factory. There are plenty of off-leash dog parks like Jamison Park Dog Park, and Dog Park at Washington Park.

And don't forget about finding local pet care. There are tons of wonderful pet care businesses in town to take care of all your furbaby's needs. Just type in your zip code above, and you'll find amazing pet sitters, dog walkers, cat sitters, and more right in Winston-Salem, NC.

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