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What is unique about Vancouver, WA?

Fun fact! Vancouver was actually home to the oldest apple tree in the state of Washington. It was planted in 1826 and died at 194 years old. This tree was considered to be the great grandfather of the apple industry in Washington state.

But you won’t just find history here. In fact, the New York Post actually named Vancouver the hippest city in the United States—especially because of its many brewpubs. Vancouver is the second leading city in the state of Washington for population growth.

It’s obvious to see how much people love this city. Essentially being an extension of Portland… Vancouver, WA, has many restaurants, culture, and entertainment—plus the Columbia River and numerous parks to enjoy the great outdoors.

Not only are there parks for people to enjoy, but there are plenty of dog parks and dog-friendly parks for your pup to enjoy too. Or, if you’re looking for a more laid back dog-friendly activity, you can check out one of the many dog-friendly restaurants in town where your pup can join you on the pet-friendly patio.

Whether you’re planning on moving to Vancouver—or you already live here—we can help you find all of the best local pet care professionals in the area too! Just type in your zip code above, and you’ll find tons of fantastic pet sitters, pet groomers, dog walkers, and cat sitters in and around Vancouver, WA.

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