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Tucson loves its four-legged friends!

Tucson, AZ is the unofficial capital of Southern Arizona and home to some of the most stunning Southwestern landscapes in the United States. Located in the eastern half of the Sonoran Desert – Tucson is much more than cacti and tumbleweeds. Mountains and unbelievable hiking (like the Sabino Canyon) surround the city. Inside of Tucson – you’ll find an artist’s haven with plenty of museums, galleries, and a laid-back attitude. Tucson is a sunny city with dozens of dog-friendly patios to grab a bite with your best friend. After letting your food digest, pet parents will find plenty of dog parks, dog-friendly shops, and those aforementioned hiking trails.

If you can’t take your four-legged friend on your adventure – Tucson also boasts some of the best pet sitters and dog walkers in the great state of Arizona. Whether you need someone to swing by while you are at the office or to watch your pet while you travel – Local Pet Care will help you find the perfect pet care pro for your family!

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