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Is Springfield, MA, an excellent place to live?

Springfield, MA, is a city just half an hour north of Hartford, CT. Springfield offers affordable housing, multiple great colleges, and universities and is known for being a great place to retire. Plus, did you know it was the birthplace of basketball back in 1891?

And on top of all that, Springfield is a very dog-friendly city too! You'll find numerous places to go and things to do with your fur baby. Many dog parks exist in and around Springfield, like Agawam Dog Park, South Hadley Dog Park, Ludlow Dog Park, and Enfield Dog Park.

Or, if you're wanting other dog-friendly activities, there are tons of restaurants that let you bring your pup onto their outdoor, pet-friendly patio. Check out the best dog-friendly restaurants in Springfield, like Antonio's Grinders, Panda House, Bueno y Sano, and Milano Importing.

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