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How would you describe Santa Ana, CA?

Santa Ana is the county seat in the O.C. (Orange County, that is). It’s a beautiful, growing city with lovely weather, and it’s within driving distance to the beach. It’s known for the Santa Ana Zoo, the Bowers Museum, the Discovery Cube Orange County children’s museum, and the Heritage Museum of Orange County.

You’ll find gorgeous homes, city parks, and tons of sunshine. Plus, it’s surrounded by tons of places to enjoy the great outdoors like Lake Forest, Crystal Cove State Park, and even the Limestone Canyon Regional Park.

What more could you want? Maybe some places to bring your favorite pup? Well, you’re in luck! Santa Ana is a very dog-friendly city. There are tons of dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly beaches nearby. Santa Ana also has an abundance of pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and even pet-friendly hotels.

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