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What is Rockford, IL, known for?

Rockford, IL, is often called the “Forest City” or the “City of Gardens” because of its 7,000 acres of parklands, the riverside trail, numerous public gardens, and the abundant greenery lining the streets around downtown. This beautiful growing city has tons of history, culture, restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, and more!

And on top of all that, Rockford is a very dog-friendly city too! You’ll find numerous places to go and things to do with your fur baby. Many dog parks and dog-friendly parks exist in and around Rockford, like Canine Corners Dog Park, Searls Park, Hammertime Unleashed Dog Park, and Ken-Rock Park.

Or if you’re wanting other dog-friendly activities, there are tons of restaurants that actually let you bring your pup onto their outdoor, pet-friendly patio. Check out the best dog-friendly restaurants in Rockford, like Prairie Street Brewing Company, Tavern on Clark, and Irish Rose.

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