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Plano is known for being one of the best places to live in Texas with your family… including your furbaby. This town has a suburban feel with many families and young professionals, plus great public schools! It is known for being a peaceful, pleasant town with an excellent quality of life rating.

And with options like great shopping, family-friendly activities, numerous restaurants, and outdoor adventure… What's not to love? On top of all this, you can actually bring your adorable pup right along with plenty of great spots around the city. Whether you're visiting and need a pet-friendly hotel, or you live here and want some dog-friendly activities, Plano has everything an active pet parent needs.

If you want a delicious dog-friendly restaurant to visit, you can check out places like the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. Or, if you want to hang out at one of the many dog parks, you can visit the Jack Carter Dog Park. And don't forget about local pet care! There's plenty of outstanding pet care businesses in town to take care of all your doggy needs. Just type in your zip code above, and you'll find amazing pet sitters, dog walkers, cat sitters, and more in and around Plano, TX.

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