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Oklahoma City loves its pets!

Sitting at the junction of the South, West, and Midwest, Oklahoma City is the true melting pot of American regions. The Big Friendly, as it's known, embraces southern hospitality, welcoming residents and visitors alike. And you better believe that friendliness extends to the pets of OKC. With lots of pet-friendly parks like the dog park at Myriad Botanical Gardens and PAW Park, you'll have no problem finding a fun activity for you and your pup. If relaxing is more your speed, you'll be pleased to find that OKC has more than 100 pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and breweries. In a city once synonymous with the Dust Bowl, there is nothing dusty about Oklahoma City's exciting culinary experiences.

If you're an active type, there's plenty of opportunities to get outside and visit one of OKC's beautiful green spaces or walk along the Oklahoma River. Alternatively, you might have just as much fun cuddled up at home with your cat watching the Thunder do their thing. And for those times when you have to leave the pets at home, you'll quickly find that Oklahoma City is also home to some fantastic dog walkers, pet sitters, cat sitters, and other pet care professionals. With Local Pet Care, it's easy to find a pet care pro you can count on!

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