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Is McKinney, TX, a great place to live?

McKinney, TX, is known for its lush, green landscape, historical sites, vineyards, breweries, scenic views, and only being 45 miles away from Dallas. This city only has about 150,000 residents, beautiful Victorian homes, and streets lined with gorgeous green trees. All of this and more is what has made it to the top of Money Magazine's best cities in the United States to live.

Just remember that all of this beauty and charm comes with a price. McKinney is also one of the country's top 100 most affluent communities. But with that comes excellent schools, low crime, beautiful neighborhoods, and of course, plenty of dog-friendly places to go and things to do with your sweet pup.

Check out the incredible McKinney dog parks like Bonnie Wenk Dog Park, Old Joe Dog Park, or K9 Corral at Craig Ranch. Or pop in for a bite to eat with your pup at a dog-friendly restaurant like The Yard McKinney TX, Spoons Cage, or Harry's at the Harbor.

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