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What is it like living in Killeen, TX?

Killeen, TX, is known for its outstanding educational system, numerous colleges, spacious living, and an open-minded community. This city also is known for having one of the largest military installments in the world, Fort Hood, which makes this a popular town for military families to relocate to.

Killeen has sunny, warm weather, tons of restaurants and coffee shops, and plenty of parks. But on top of all that, Killeen is a very dog-friendly city too! You’ll find numerous places to go and things to do with your fur baby. There are plenty of dog parks and dog-friendly parks in and around Killeen, like Mickey’s Dog Park, Ogletree Gap Preserve, and Monarch Park Dog Park.

Or, if you’re wanting other dog-friendly activities, there are tons of restaurants that actually let you bring your pup onto their outdoor, pet-friendly patio. Check out the best dog-friendly restaurants in Killeen, like Jokers IceHouse Bar & Grill, Thai Thai, and McAlister’s Deli.

Whether you’re planning on moving to Killeen—or you already live here—we can help you find all of the best local pet care professionals in the area too! Just type in your zip code above, and you’ll find tons of fantastic pet groomers, dog walkers, and cat sitters in and around Killeen, TX.

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