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Kansas City loves its pets!

Kansas City is the largest city near the geographic center of the United States and staying true to form - KC seems to be in the middle of everything! The Kansas City most people refer to is in Missouri but the Kansas City Metro Area spans both Missouri and Kansas. Kansas City is known for some of the best BBQ you'll ever eat (sorry Austin, Memphis, and Carolina) and as the place where jazz became jazz. Kansas City is also home to some fanatical sports fans of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs and the MLB's Kansas City Royals. When not cheering at Arrowhead, the humans of Kansas City love their pets as much as they love their BBQ. The pets of Kansas City stay busy at dog parks like West Terrace and Waggin' Tail or at the super hip Bar K (part dog park, part bar, and part restaurant).

For those times when pet parents in KC can't take their pets with them, they'll find some world-class pet care pros in their city! Some top dog sitters, cat sitters, dog walkers, and more all call Kansas City home. Be sure to find the perfect pet sitter on Local Pet Care!

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