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Irving, TX, loves its pets!

Irving, TX is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and is known for being the international headquarters for five of the Fortune 500 corporations—plus thousands of other companies. So there is no shortage of job opportunities here.

Irving has a nice mix of urban and suburban areas with plenty of restaurants, bars, and parks. And this growing city is definitely a popular spot for young professionals and young families.

This is also a great city for those who love outdoor activities. You can enjoy Lake Carolyn, the Campion Trails, or the many beautiful dog parks around town. And if you’re looking for other pet-friendly activities that are a little more chill… check out one of the dog-friendly restaurants around Irving. Your pup can sit with you on the outdoor patio while you enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.

And if you’re planning to live here, we can help you find all of the best local pet care professionals in the area. Just type in your zip code above, and you’ll find tons of amazing pet sitters, dog walkers, and cat sitters in and around Irving, TX.

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