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Why is Huntsville, Alabama, so popular?

Huntsville, AL is one of those beautiful, historic towns that is becoming increasingly popular as an excellent place for people to move to. This northern Alabama city was once known for its railroad and cotton industries. But today, it's known for its aerospace and military technology industries.

In addition to a growing job market, affordable housing costs, and excellent education, Huntsville attracts its new citizens with its beautiful landscape. Sitting at the foot of a mountain, there are plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, trail running, paddle boarding, kayaking, and more! If you have an active dog, you'll both love spending time in the great outdoors in Huntsville, AL.

Speaking of dogs, if you're looking for other dog-friendly activities in Huntsville, check out the numerous dog parks in town. Or take your pup to one of the many dog-friendly restaurants like The Nook, Humphrey's Bar and Grill, or Cajun Steamer Bar & Grill.

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