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Is Huntington Beach, California, a nice area?

Huntington Beach, CA, is known for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunny weather, and for being the third largest city in Orange County. This family-friendly and dog-friendly city has been nicknamed “Surf City” over the years because of its 8.5 miles of beaches. Huntington Beach even hosts professional sports competitions like the US Open of Surfing.

Now, of course, with all of these perks, the cost of living can be quite high in Huntington Beach. But you’ll also find things like beautifully-maintained dog parks where your pup can run and play in that amazing weather. There are even dog parks on the beach like Central Park Dog Park, Dog Beach, and Huntington Beach. And don’t forget to try out the many dog-friendly restaurants like Wet Dog Tavern, Park Bench Cafe, or Sandy’s Beach Shack.

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