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Is Hayward, CA, a nice place to live with your dog?

Hayward, CA, is a beautiful town nestled against Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park and Anthony Chabot Regional Park. The population is only about 160,000 people, so you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the larger surrounding cities. But known as the “Heart of the Bay,” it’s only about a 40-minute drive from both San Jose and San Francisco. Hayward has excellent schools, great job opportunities, and great cultural diversity.

And on top of all that, Hayward, CA, is a very dog-friendly city too! You’ll find numerous places to go and things to do with your fur baby. There are many dog parks in and around Hayward, like Eden Greenway Dog Park, Old Creek Dog Park of Cherryland, and Old Highlands Park.

Or, if you’re wanting other dog-friendly activities, there are tons of restaurants that let you bring your pup onto their outdoor, pet-friendly patio. Check out the best dog-friendly restaurants in Hayward, CA, like Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, Hippies Brew, and El Taquito.

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