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Pets love Fremont, CA!

The people of Fremont love their town, and pets! In fact, it’s such a great place to live that the WalletHub survey reported them as the “Happiest City in the United States.” This is all based on emotional and physical well-being, environment, employment, income, location, and more.

Fremont is known for many things, like the Bay Area Rapid Transport System. This railroad system—established quite some time ago—now transports the citizens of Fremont all over the place, including nearby cities like San Francisco.

Fremont is also known for its many regional parks and trails. This gorgeous city gives you the beauty of the mountains, water, and greenery. You can check out popular areas like Coyote Hills Regional Park, Mission Peak Regional Preserve, and Alameda Creek Regional Trail.

But don’t worry… there are plenty of dog-friendly trails, plus dog parks all in and around the city. And you’ll have to check out their many delicious dog-friendly restaurants like Joe’s Corner, Skilletz, and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

And Fremont has great local pet care too! There are tons of wonderful pet care businesses in town to take care of all your furbaby’s needs. Just type in your zip code above, and you’ll find amazing pet groomers, dog walkers, cat sitters, and more in and around Fremont, CA.

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