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Pet parents of Detroit, get motors running!

Motor City is known for many things, and a lot of them have to do with cars. Detroit is the automobile capital of the world, home to the first mile of concrete highway, and Motown music's birthplace. In a city once known for the auto industry and a bit of economic turmoil, something new is happening. Detroit has recently come alive again as one of America's great cities. Full of art, cuisine, and activities, Detroit is also back on the map for being a great place to be a pet parent! With tons of fantastic dog parks and the Detroit Riverfront walk, it's easy to find fun ways to get some exercise with your pups.

Detroit pet parents love spending time with their pets, but they also know that sometimes you have to leave your pets at home. When you need to find a reliable dog walker, pet sitter, or cat sitter, it'll be easy to connect with experienced pet care professionals in your area. Find a Local Pet Care pro now!

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