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If you’re not from the area, you may not know that Chula Vista is known as the Lemon Capital of the World! This city loves its lemons so much that it has annual Chula Vista Lemon Festivals with live music, handmade crafts, and all sorts of lemon-themed foods and merchandise.

Chula Vista is the second-largest city in San Diego County and is culturally, economically, and even environmentally diverse. It has a mix of urban and suburban neighborhoods, with plenty of great coffee shops, parks, and unique restaurants.

Whether you currently live in Chula Vista with your furbaby, or you’re planning to move there together… you’re in luck! This city is quite a pet-friendly place. There are tons of dog-friendly restaurants you can go to together. Or you can spend the day at a city dog park.

And don’t forget about finding local pet care. There are more than enough wonderful pet care businesses in town to take care of all your furbaby’s needs. Just type in your zip code above, and you’ll find amazing pet sitters, dog walkers, cat sitters, and more in and around Chula Vista, CA.

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