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Arlington is a beautiful city with a lot of diversity, great food, and exciting sports. Although this city was once known for its agriculture, Arlington is known these days for its aerospace, automotive, commercial, and industrial businesses.

And if you're looking for some delicious foods from a wide variety of genres, Arlington is the place to go! They have everything from escargot, etouffee, and lobster ravioli to burgers, burritos, and doughnuts.

Arlington is the 7th largest city in Texas and is often considered one of the best places to live in the state. You'll get that great suburban feel, but with more than enough restaurants, coffee shops, and even parks!

If you're planning to move here with your sweet pup, this city is a great choice for you. There are tons of dog parks and dog-friendly, off-leash areas around the city for you both to get some fresh air and exercise together.

Looking for dog-friendly restaurants? They've got those too! From the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar to J.R. Bentley's—there are plenty of choices for every dog lover's taste buds.

And don't forget about finding local pet care. There are plenty of wonderful pet care businesses in town to take care of all your furbaby's needs. Just type in your zip code above, and you'll find amazing pet groomers, dog walkers, cat sitters, and more in and around Arlington, TX.

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