The 6 Best Parks & Dog Parks in Lincoln, NE

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Are dogs welcomed in this Cornhusker town? The answer is yes! There are several dog-friendly and off-leash parks in Lincoln, NE. So check out our list below of the best dog parks in town to take your pup.

If you and your fur baby call Lincoln, NE, your hometown, you’re going to want to know where you can bring your dog. Which parks are dogs allowed, which restaurants are dog-friendly, and where can you find local pet care professionals? Well, we’ve got you covered! We can help you find all these things and more.

If you’re loving life in the cornhusker state but you’re looking to live your best life possible with your pup, we’ve got a list below just for you. We’ll tell you about some of our favorite dog parks in and around Lincoln, NE. The cool thing about this dog-friendly city is the pet community—Lincoln Parks Foundation—intentionally placed dog parks in four quadrants of the city. This means there is always a dog park closer than you think.

But not all parks are created equal. It is important to know what they offer before you show up. Do you need to bring your own pet waste bags or dog water? Is it off-leash? There are a lot of things to know before you bring your pup. So check out the details below and see what you are getting into with your dog.

Are you looking for other dog-friendly activities in Lincoln? How about a doggy lunch date? That’s right! There are a lot of pet-friendly patios at restaurants, bars, and breweries all over this college town too.

And, of course, you wouldn’t want to forget about finding the best local pet care businesses in town. If you require a dog walker or pet sitter, click here to type in your zip code, and we’ll show you the best pet care professionals in your area.

But if you’re ready to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with your furry best friend, let’s check out the list below.

Lincoln NE Dog Playing Near Water

The 6 Best Parks, Dog Parks, and Off-Leash Areas in Lincoln, Nebraska:

  1. Roper Park East Dog Run

  2. Rickman’s Run

  3. Mahoney Park Dog Run

  4. Stransky Dog Run at Peterson Park

  5. Paws 4 Fun Park

  6. Pioneers Park Nature Center

Roper Park East Dog Run — 2620 N 7th St, Lincoln, NE 68521

Roper Park East Dog Run is an off-leash dog park with over 5 acres for you and your pup to play and exercise. It is located near the 7th Street and Adams Street intersection. There are four acres for larger breeds and about two acres for smaller breeds. There is plenty of parking, concrete sidewalks, and seasonal water fountains for both canines and humans.

It does have a double-gated entrance and restrooms near the entrance to the park. This dog run is open seven days a week from 5 AM until 11 PM. This is an excellent place for you to bring your pup to play. As always, be sure to know your dog and have them under your supervision at all times.

Lincoln NE Older Dog at Park

Rickman’s Run — 3701 S 70th Street, Lincoln, NE, 68506

Rickman’s Run—also known as Holmes Lake Dog Park—is located along the east side of S. 70th Street at the south end of Holmes Lake. This is a huge off-leash dog park. At 26 acres, this is the largest dog park in Lincoln, NE. Two acres are fenced off and designated for small dogs. It is consistently cared for with several paved and unpaved walking trails.

One of my fur baby’s favorite parts of the park is the wetland area. Running along Antelope creek, there is a wetland area where your pup will have access. There are covered restrooms at the entrance, spacious parking, and ADA-accessible parking spots available. Also, there are shaded—and unshaded—benches and picnic tables for you to rest during those moments you realize your dog has more energy than you do.

Mahoney Park Dog Run — 84th and Market Dr, Lincoln, NE 68507

On the far east side of Lincoln, you will find Mahoney Park Dog Run. This is another off-leash dog park. This is a good option if you are looking for a huge off-leash area with clear sightlines where you can throw a tennis ball.

There are four acres of space for your large breed dogs to run off-leash and one acre for smaller breeds. They have restrooms near the entrance for human visitors and plenty of fencing for your canine friends to sniff. There are paved walking trails, benches, and picnic tables.

This dog park is best for dogs wanting to run around in a pack, play fetch, and get some energy out. It’s nice to see the pet community continue investing in these spaces.

Lincoln Downtown Tower

Stransky Dog Run at Peterson Park — 4419 Southwood Dr, Lincoln, NE 68502

Bring your pup to Peterson Park, and you won’t be disappointed. While Stransky Dog Run at Peterson Park isn’t the largest park on this list, it is an excellent spot to mix romping in the dog run and strolling around this beautiful park.

This park has picnic tables, pavilions, and ball fields. It is a beautiful park to spend the day, and it even has pickleball courts! The overall park is over 35 acres. And the dog park is 2.5 acres of off-leash play for big dogs plus one acre for small dogs. It has restrooms at the front, plenty of parking, and a water fountain for humans and canines.

Paws 4 Fun Park — 222 N. 44th Street Lincoln, NE 68503

Paws 4 Fun Park is an indoor dog park. When you have those colder winters, it is super nice to have an indoor place for you to play with your pup. This park is more than just an indoor park. Paws 4 Fun has a doggie daycare, suite-style boarding, an indoor pool, grooming, and even a do-it-yourself grooming station. They even train dogs to dive off docks if you have a sporting dog. Essentially, they have everything you might need for your dog.

They are open 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM every day. With all of these amenities and opportunities, they do have a fee. As for the dog park passes, they offer daily ($10), monthly ($150), and annual passes ($1,500). It might be a little pricey, but nothing beats caring for your fur baby in the winter months and being the best pet parent you can be.

Lincoln NE Dog at Water

Pioneers Park Nature Center — 3201 South Coddington, Lincoln, NE 68522

Southwest of Lincoln, you’ll find Pioneers Park Nature Center. This is 668 acres of tall grass, wetlands, and wooded areas. There are several dog-friendly trails in the park, and these are some of my favorites for training my dog on a leash.

While I love a “go-crazy” time in my off-leash parks, training my pup to have manners on a leash is just as important. I love taking my dogs to coffee shops, restaurants, and more, but with bad behavior, there is no way I would do it. That is where these parks come into play.

Pioneers Park Trails is a 2.9-mile loop trail that takes about an hour to complete. It is relatively flat and is considered an easy trail. The only issue with this trail is that you can only complete about half of it with your pup because of the wildlife on the back half. This hasn’t deterred me because it is a beautiful walk with tons for your dog to sniff. This offers excellent training opportunities and a relaxing stroll with your pup.

Are Dogs Welcomed in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Now that you’ve read our list above, you know the answer to this question. There are many dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly parks in Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas, which makes this city a pretty pet-friendly place to live!

It seems like the pet community is coming together to push this forward. So if you’re a dog-loving human and want to participate, Lincoln might be the best place for you to start making an impact on the canine community.

The only question is, which Lincoln dog park should be the first for you and your favorite pooch?

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