14 of Seattle's Best Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas

Looking for a Dog Walker in Seattle

With incredible cityscapes, seascapes, and a long-list of amazing dog-friendly parks, Seattle scores top marks as a pet paradise! Check out our list of the top dog parks in town, updated for 2024!

There's nothing like being a dog owner in the Emerald City — and no, we're not talking about The Wizard of Oz. But Toto is still the best!

Seattle, known as the Emerald City, is surrounded by lush greenery all year long. So it's no surprise that Seattle boasts some fantastic dog parks, dog-friendly hikes, and off-leash areas with natural, scenic views like you've only seen on postcards!

Seattle Dog Parks

But Seattle has bragging rights to one other thing, too. For years, Seattle has ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. That means, in an already dog-friendly and walkable town like Seattle, with some amazing pet-friendly restaurants and breweries, you have the added bonus of your dog getting enough exercise because they can always tag along!

While walking around the neighborhood can be great, sometimes, your dog just wants to be able to run and play, or enjoy a walk in nature, away from the sounds and smells of the city. Fortunately, Seattle and the surrounding area are filled with beautiful dog parks and off-leash areas to keep your Pacific Northwest pup happy and healthy!

To help you select the perfect outdoor excursion for you and your dog, Local Pet Care has created a list of the best dog parks and off-leash areas in Seattle!

The Best Parks, Dog Parks, and Off-Leash Areas In Seattle, WA

  1. Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area
  2. Blue Dog Pond Park
  3. Woodland Park Off-Leash Area
  4. Denny Substation Park
  5. Dr. Jose Rizal Park
  6. Dogwood Play Park
  7. Westcrest Off-Leash Area
  8. Golden Gardens Off-Leash Area
  9. Genesee Park Off-Leash Area
  10. Green Lake Park
  11. Seward Park
  12. I-5 Colonnade Off-Leash Dog Park
  13. Dog Yard Bar
  14. Marymoor

Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area — 7400 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, WA

Located in beautiful Magnuson Park, this off-leash area has room to run, fetch, and just enjoy being outdoors. On 8.6 fully fenced acres, the Magnuson off-leash dog park has a flat area for playing and winding trails for you and your pup to meander together.

What's the absolute best thing about this park? Magnuson Park is the only dog park in Seattle city-limits with access to the shoreline of Lake Washington! Pro-tip: Head to the park for a little sunrise stroll to see the sun come up over the lake. These picture-perfect sunrises are not to be missed!

Magnuson also boasts the largest off-leash area in Seattle. It's no wonder this is one of the most popular dog parks in Seattle!

Blue Dog Pond Park — 1520 26th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144

Blue Dog Pond Park in Seattle is a wide, open space that's perfect for dogs who love to run and play. The park has a special art piece that looks like a giant dog dish, which adds a fun touch. It's fully fenced, so you can let your dog off-leash without worry. There's also a separate area for smaller dogs to ensure they have a safe space. The ground is mostly grass and gravel, which helps keep your pup clean even on rainy days. Plus, there are benches where owners can relax while their furry friends play.

Woodland Park Off-Leash Area — 1000 N 50th St Seattle, WA

Woodland Park, near Greenlake, is home to a zoo, rose gardens, and a one-acre off-leash dog park. Surrounded by trees, the grounds are picturesque and shady. There are benches where you can relax while your dog socializes, and when your dog gets thirsty from all the fun, they can take a sip from the special doggie drinking fountain.

Dog Parks Seattle dog with toy

Denny Substation Park — 100 Dexter Ave N Seattle, WA

This small but unique dog park is located on the grounds of the power substation in South Lake Union. Denny Substation Park might be a small park, but there is still enough room to play fetch, especially if your dog is on the smaller side.

One thing that makes this park stand out is its artificial grass. With rainy and drizzly days frequent in Seattle, the artificial turf makes for less muddy paws!

Dr. Jose Rizal Park — 1007 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144

Dr. Jose Rizal Park offers breathtaking views of downtown Seattle and the Olympic Mountains, making it a scenic spot for both dogs and their owners. This off-leash area is hilly and provides a great workout for energetic pups. There's plenty of space for dogs to explore, including wooded trails and open fields. The park is well-maintained with a friendly community of regulars. It's not as crowded as some other parks, offering a more relaxed atmosphere. Remember to bring water for your dog since there aren't many water sources available here.

Dogwood Play Park — 12568 33rd Ave NE Seattle, WA

The Dogwood Play Park is an indoor/outdoor dog play area… with a twist. One of the few indoor dog parks in Seattle, this dog-friendly playground also features a bar for the humans. Owners can sidle up to the bar for a drink while their dogs play and socialize with other local pups. While you're there, make sure to pick up some of the treats Dogwood Play Park stocks from the Seattle Barkery for your dog to enjoy at home.

Naturally, humans must be 21 or older to enter.

Westcrest Off-Leash Area — 9000 8th Ave NW Seattle, WA

Located in Southwest Seattle, the Westcrest Off-Leash Area provides dogs with 4 acres to run and play. There is a water fountain so the dogs can stay hydrated and also a lovely picnic area should you decide to make a whole day of it!

The park outside of the off-leash area is surrounded by trails that dogs are allowed on, provided they stay on the leash.

Westcrest Park is actually considered a hidden gem in Seattle. It's never very crowded but features a striking, panoramic view of the city skyline.

Golden Gardens Off-Leash Area — 8398 Seaview PI NW Seattle, WA

Golden Gardens Park is a Seattle fan favorite, and for a good reason. With a beach, trails, and an off-leash dog area, it's the perfect family hangout destination.

Your dog might not care about the stunning view of the Puget Sound from Golden Gardens beach, but they'll certainly care about the one-acre off-leash area.

Your dog can roll around in the shaded, wood-chipped play area while you drink in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest. After a play session in the dog park, take your pup on one of the wooded hiking trails and admire the beauty of the coastline!

Golden Gardens dog park

Genesee Park Off-Leash Area — 4316 S Genessee St Seattle, WA

If you live in Southeast Seattle and have a dog that is a runner, Genesse Park is for you. It is completely fenced and features double-gated entrances, making it super secure for dogs who might make a run for it.

Another unexpected perk of this park is the graveled play area. With rainy or drizzly days in Seattle, muddy paws are a common concern. The graveled play area means you're not doing the paw-wiping dance every time you stop by.

As your dog is sniffing, playing, and socializing, you will be able to easily keep your dog within your line of sight since the majority of the park is flat. Plus, your dog will have 2.7 acres of room for you to play frisbee or catch.

Green Lake Park — 7201 E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115

Green Lake Park is one of Seattle's most beloved parks, and while it's not an off-leash area, it's incredibly dog-friendly. The park features a 2.8-mile path around the lake that's perfect for a leisurely walk or jog with your leashed pup. Dogs can enjoy the sights and sounds of ducks and other wildlife. The park is always bustling with activity, providing lots of socialization opportunities. There are plenty of grassy areas for a quick rest, and the park is dotted with doggy waste stations for convenience.

Seward Park — 5900 Lake Washington Blvd. S, Seattle, WA

This 300-acre park is filled to the brim with forest land, scenic shoreline, and trails for biking, walking, and hiking. On a beautiful spring or summer day, you'll find people picnicking, exploring, and boating on Lake Washington.

Dogs are allowed on a leash but are not permitted on the shoreline, as is common with most of Seattle. That's okay with us, though, because there is plenty to do as you explore the beautiful wooded area and trails. You may even catch a glimpse of an eagle's nest as the park is home to two nesting pairs of bald eagles!

As you're exploring, you'll come across the Seattle city landmark, Ye Seward Park Inn, a concession stand built in 1927 that still stands today as the Seward Park Environmental & Audobon Center.

Seattle Dog Parks - dog running through park

I-5 Colonnade Off-Leash Dog Park — 1701 Lakewood Blvd E Seattle, WA

Located under the I-5 freeway, this unique park is perfect for very hot and very rainy days. You'll have the cover of the freeway bridge to protect you and your dog from the elements.

Some of the other favorite features include the mostly graveled flooring, stocked poop bags to keep the area clean, and a water spigot, so your dog has access to water.

This isn't your ordinary dog park, though. Its location and the topography of the land make it quite steep and stair-heavy. That means this park is best suited for dogs who like to climb and jump.

Dog Yard Bar1546 NW Leary Way Seattle, WA

Who says dog-friendly dog parks can't be human-friendly, too? We're noticing a trend here.

Dog Yard Bar is an outdoor dog playground with a bar for the human sort. You can sit down and crack a beer while your dog romps and rolls with their neighborhood pals.

Located in the hip Ballard neighborhood, Dog Yard Bar has become the place to be on an overcast weekend day.

P.S. Dog Yard Bar is for 21 and over humans only!

Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park6046 West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Redmond, WA 98052

Although technically not in Seattle, Marymoor is one of the most popular spots to bring your dog in the Seattle area. The park spans over 40 acres and features open fields, wooded trails, and access to the Sammamish River. Dogs are free to roam and play without a leash, making it a great place for them to socialize and exercise. The park also includes amenities such as water stations, waste bags, and plenty of seating for pet owners.

Be Adventurous!

One thing's for sure… Seattle's best dog parks and off-leash areas are many. We've barely even scratched the surface!

With a city so filled with beautiful parks, here's your opportunity to explore something new. It's time to venture out of your neighborhood and check out what other dog parks and off-leash areas have to offer.

New experiences are great for both you and your dog. You'll meet other local dog parents, and they'll have the chance to smell new smells, meet new dog friends, and come in contact with other humans. That's what we call a win-win!

So what's stopping you? Adventure is out there!

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