Dog-Friendly Parks & Beaches in San Francisco

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San Francisco is a beautiful place to live or visit—especially if you're a pet parent. There are tons of San Francisco dog parks and dog-friendly beaches just waiting for you and your pup!

Are you looking for the best dog-friendly activities in San Francisco? Lucky for you, there's plenty! Even luckier, we've already come up with a list of the best dog parks, dog-friendly beaches, and off-leash areas in San Francisco for you. So it's time to get out of the house with your furry best friend to get some exercise and fresh air.

If you're not really the outdoorsy type, but you still want a fun dog-friendly activity… check out all of the delicious, dog-friendly restaurants in San Francisco! You're sure to find a restaurant, bar, brewery, or brunch spot that you and your pup both love.

And if you can't get out of the house for a visit to the beach or for a puppy dinner date, we've got some great local pet care professionals who can keep your dog or cat entertained while you're at work! Click here to find the best cat sitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters in your area.

But if you're ready for some fun playtime time with your pooch, check out the list below of our favorite dog parks and dog-friendly beaches in San Francisco.

Dog Parks San Fran

The 18 Best Dog Parks, Dog-Friendly Beaches, and Off-Leash Areas in San Francisco:

  1. Alamo Square Dog Park
  2. Baker Beach
  3. Bernal Heights Dog Park
  4. Bolinas Beach
  5. Buchanan Dog Beach
  6. Buena Vista Dog Park
  7. Corona Heights Dog Park
  8. Crissy Field Beach
  9. Dolores Dog Park
  10. Eureka Valley
  11. Fort Funston Dog Park
  12. Glen Canyon Dog Park
  13. Lands End Beach
  14. McLaren Park
  15. Montara State Beach
  16. Muir Beach
  17. Pine Lake Dog Park
  18. St. Mary's Dog Park

Alamo Square Dog Park — Steiner St & Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

Check out the beautiful ocean views at the Alamo Square Dog Park. Your little furball can have fun running around in the sandy greenery of this off-leash area in San Francisco. This dog park is located across from the well-known Victorian Homes called the "Painted Ladies." There are no water stations, but there is a waste station provided. And as with any off-leash area, make sure to keep a close eye on your pup.

Baker Beach — 1770 Gibson Rd., San Francisco, CA 94129

This popular dog-friendly beach is free for anyone to come hang out and enjoy with their pup. But keep in mind, free usually means it's busy. There are no waste stations or water stations, so make sure to bring your own supplies. But there is parking nearby. Dogs must remain on leash at all times. And make sure to keep your furbaby near the shallow edge—the riptide can be very dangerous.

Bernal Heights Dog Park — 10 Bernal Heights Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94110

Located in the Bernal Heights neighborhood, this San Francisco dog park is open to both residents and non-residents of the area. This hilly, grassy dog park has 35-acres of off-leash space for canines to roam free. On top of that, you'll get some pretty great views of the city from above. There's no water station, but there are waste bags available at the entrance.

Dog park San Fran Golden Gate Bridge

Bolinas Beach — Bolinas Beach, Bolinas, CA 94924

If you love the mountains and the beach, this is the spot for you! This dog-friendly beach in Bolinas has some gorgeous mountain views. This beach is known for water sports, sunbathing, bird watching, and it's an off-leash area for dogs. There is parking nearby, but no water stations or waste stations for your pup. And remember that it can get pretty busy on weekends.

Buchanan Dog Beach — Buchanan Beach, San Francisco, CA

This dog beach is small, but it's the perfect, quiet space for you and your dog to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. It's typically not too busy, and dogs are allowed to roam off-leash here. But there are no water or waste stations, so make sure to bring your own water and poop bags.

Buena Vista Dog Park — 808-838 Buena Vista Ave W, San Francisco, CA 94117

Buena Vista Park is the oldest park in San Francisco, with a perfect view of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and even St. Ignatius Church. This popular dog park has walking paths for you and your pup to venture out onto. Just make sure to have your dog on a leash or have reasonable control over your dog if they're off-leash. It's easy to accidentally get separated in these winding trails.

Dog on blanket in San Fran

Corona Heights Dog Park — Roosevelt Way & Museum Way, San Francisco, CA 94114

This San Francisco dog park has a fenced-in area where dogs can be off-leash. And there's a nice steep climb up to some beautiful views if you and your dog are looking for some extra exercise. And don't forget about the children's playground, plus basketball and tennis courts.

Crissy Field Beach — 1199 East Beach, San Francisco, CA 94129

This beach is pretty busy because of its popularity. If you visit this dog-friendly beach, you'll get some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a specific off-leash area for dogs. And this beach is conveniently located near restaurants, coffee shops, and more!

Dolores Dog Park — Dolores St & 19th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Dolores Park actually used to be a refugee camp for the people who lost their homes in the earthquake of 1906. But now, it's a place of joy for those who live in the Mission District—especially for those who are pet owners! Dolores Park has its own off-leash dog area where canines can roam and run free.

Eureka Valley Rec Center — 100 Collingwood Street San Francisco, CA 94114

Eureka Valley is a very versatile, indoor/outdoor rec center for the residents of San Francisco! To make it even better, they have a designated dog play area!

Fort Funston Dog Park — Fort Funston Rd, San Francisco, CA 94132

It's been said that Fort Funston Dog Park is one of the best places to take your dog for a walk in San Francisco. There is an off-leash area for dogs to play freely. This park is also well-known for bicycling, horseback riding, and even hang gliding. Just remember to bring your own water and waste bags for your pup.

Walking dog near Golden Gate

Glen Canyon Dog Park — Elk St & Chenery St, San Francisco, CA 94127

Glen Canyon is a 35-acre San Francisco park in the Diamond Heights neighborhood. You and your lucky dog can enjoy the trails through the woods and the canyons together, as long as your pup stays on leash. There are waste stations, but make sure to bring your own water and water bowl.

McLaren Park — 100 John F Shelley Dr, San Francisco, CA 94134

McLaren Park is a huge, amazing park that is easy to get to. It's a little over 300 acres in total and has two amazing dog parks inside of it. Plus, there are lots of fields, trails, and other areas you can bring your pup!

Montara State Beach — Montara State Beach, Montara, CA 94019

This San Francisco beach is dog-friendly, but canines must stay on a leash the whole time. You will both enjoy the more natural and untouched landscape of the Montara State Beach coastline. You'll need to bring your own water and waste bags, but you'll love this natural outdoor space with your pooch.

Muir Beach — Muir Beach, CA 94965

Muir Beach is a popular dog-friendly beach in San Francisco. It's a quiet, peaceful space with nearby walking trails and an off-leash area for dogs to run freely—as long as you keep an eye on your dog. You can also see birds and even whales on this beach shore.

Happy Dog With Ball in San Fran

Pine Lake Dog Park — 100 Vale Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132

You and your furball will see numerous birds of different species at the Pine Lake Dog Park. This popular dog park is known for its beautiful lake, dog-friendly hiking trails, and an off-leash area on the park's west side. Your dog will be busy for hours running around in this peaceful green space.

St. Mary's Dog Park — 244 Murray St, San Francisco, CA 94112

St. Mary's Dog Park is a fenced-in off-leash area for dogs to play together. There's plenty of grass and shade trees for the canines. Plus lots of parking and benches for the humans. There is water provided for your pup, but you'll need to bring your own poop bags. And this dog park is conveniently located in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.

Dog-Friendly San Francisco

San Francisco is a great city for dog lovers… whether you're the out-for-a-fancy-dinner type, or the hike-to-a-secluded-beach type! There is always something dog-friendly to do in San Francisco. Now it's time for you to go on a little outing with your precious pup and explore the wonderful Golden City together!

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