The Best Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas in Madison

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Looking for the best dog parks in Madison? No worries… there's plenty of them! Time to get outside and get active with your furry best friend.

Hey Madison! Looking for fun things to do with your dog? But where are dogs allowed in Madison, WI? Are dogs allowed at Dane County parks? We'll answer all your questions in our list below of the top 11 dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly public parks in and around the city.

Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall… our pups crave outdoor time, fresh air, and exercise. And if we're honest with ourselves, we do too! But sometimes it's a little too easy to end up hibernating indoors. At least with our pups around, they usually bug us enough to take them for a walk—which helps us to stay active.

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The 11 Best Dog Parks, Off-Leash Areas in Madison, WI:

  1. Badger Prairie Dog Park
  2. Brittingham Dog Park
  3. BT Farms: My Dog and Me Park
  4. Capital Springs Recreation Area & Dog Exercise Area
  5. Prairie Moraine Dog Park
  6. Quann Dog Park
  7. Sun Prairie Pet Exercise Area
  8. Sycamore Dog Park
  9. Viking Dog Park
  10. Warner Dog Park
  11. Yahara Heights Pet Exercise Area

Badger Prairie Dog Park — 6720 Hwy 151, Verona, WI 53593

Badger Prairie Dog Park is a fully fenced-in dog park where pups can freely run off-leash. This park also provides hiking and biking trails where you can walk your dog on-leash. There are separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs, and this park even provides picnic pavilions. The entire Badger Prairie Park is 317 acres, and the humans can enjoy the sports fields, playgrounds, and mountain biking.

Brittingham Dog Park — 326 S Broom St, Madison, WI 53703

Brittingham Dog Park is one of the city parks in Madison, WI. The entire park contains 25.81 acres, plus restrooms, water fountains, Monona Bay, a boat house, a beach house, a playground, picnic shelters, and of course… a dog park! Your dog will enjoy playing off-leash in the designated canine area of this park. But be aware that it is not fenced-in. So make sure that your dog is able to listen when you call.

BT Farms: My Dog and Me Park — 7451 Fankhauser Rd, Madison WI 53718

BT Farms: My Dog and Me Park is Madison's only privately-owned dog park. "Located on the east side of Madison, a 3-acre park in the middle of 150 peaceful acres of farmland." Their website explains that you'll reserve a 45-minute time slot in advance, and the entire park is just for you, your pup, and anyone else you invite.

This is a pretty great way for your canine to get the exercise and mental stimulation they crave. And no need to worry about any unsavory encounters with other dogs. You will need to complete their registration paperwork ahead of time as well. But it's totally worth it to have this much amazing outdoor space all to yourselves.


Capital Springs Recreation Area & Dog Exercise Area — 3398 Lake Farm Rd, Madison, WI 53711

Capital Springs Recreation Area & Dog Exercise Area is a great place to take your special pup. The overall park is almost 2,500 acres in size. And this park offers "recreation opportunities [including] wildlife viewing, cross country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, fishing and camping. The Capital Springs Recreation Area boundary features many parks, trails and natural resource points of interest."

In addition to taking your pup on-leash throughout the entire park, you can let them run around off-leash in the 24-acre dog park! This canine area is fully fenced-in with lots of grass, some trees, and gravel walking trails. Just take note that you will need to purchase an annual permit or pay a daily fee to use this park.

Prairie Moraine Dog Park — 6679 Wesner Ln, Verona, WI 53593

Prairie Moraine Dog Park is a 79-acre off-leash dog park within the larger 160-acre Prairie Moraine County Park. This fenced-in dog park provides waste stations, water stations, picnic tables, benches, and plenty of prairie grass for your dog to run around on. In addition to all of that, there are tons of beautiful trails with various terrain and gorgeous nature sights for you and your pup to enjoy together.

Quann Dog Park — 1802 Quann-Olin Pkwy, Madison, WI 53713

Quann Dog Park is another one of the City of Madison Parks. The canine space of this park is an off-leash area, but it is not fenced in. And keep in mind that you will need to purchase a permit to use this green space. This dog park is 11 acres in size, has plenty of grass, straw, and gravel for ground covering. And it provides tons of walking paths for you to take your pup for some on-leash exercise.


Sun Prairie Pet Exercise Area — 1025 S Bird St, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

The Sun Prairie Pet Exercise Area is located in Sun Prairie, WI—just northeast of Madison, WI. This fully fenced-in dog park is a great place for your pup to run around off-leash with their furry friends. The park offers a separate fenced-in space for small dogs. But you'll need to bring your own water and waste bags for your crazy canine. And this park requires a permit to be purchased.

Sycamore Dog Park — 4517 Sycamore Ave, Madison, WI 53704

Sycamore Dog Park is a City of Madison Dog Park. Permits are required, and you can purchase a daily or yearly pass. Although this may seem like a pain, it really means that all of the dogs are safer—just knowing that everyone is spayed and neutered, has their shots, and that the park is being cleaned and maintained regularly for everyone to enjoy.

Viking Dog Park — 1583 County Hwy N, Stoughton, WI 53589

Viking Dog Park is a fenced-in dog park with tons of access points to Lake Kegonsa and the Yahara River. Your pup will love running and jumping off the dock into the water as they splash and swim with the other dogs. This park also provides picnic shelters, benches, canoe launches, biking and walking paths, restrooms, and plenty of parking. Plus this park is wheelchair accessible.

Madison Parks dogs together

Warner Dog Park — 2301 Sheridan Dr, Madison, WI 53704

Warner Dog Park is a City of Madison Park that is 8 acres in size. It's a fenced-in, off-leash dog park that does require a permit and an annual or daily fee. But it also has benches and a picnic pavilion, waste stations, and even the Warner Park Lagoon and boat launch that connects to Lake Mendota. You will need to bring your own water for your dog to drink. But the park at large provides "playgrounds, designated beaches, athletic fields, conservation parks, [and] golf courses."

Yahara Heights Pet Exercise Area — 28 WI-113, Waunakee, WI 53597

Yahara Heights Pet Exercise Area is located within Yahara Heights County Park in Waunakee, WI. The Yahara Heights County Park in total has 141 acres with "over 3,000 feet of water frontage within the upper Yahara basin, providing a wildlife habitat preserve, fish spawning grounds, and a water sedimentation area for Lake Mendota. The park contains a 20-acre pet exercise area, hiking trails, and a canoe and kayak launch."

This park has tons of green grass, walking trails, trees, and even a pier for your pup to jump off of as they fly into the water. If your dog enjoys running on trails and swimming in the river, this park is a great choice for them!

Madison Dog Parks Galore!

Like what you see here? So do we! It's obvious to see Madison's love for its furry citizens with the number of dog parks they provide, and the amount of acreage at each park. There's no dog park too big for Madison, WI.

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