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Are dogs allowed in The Bronx city parks? And how many dog parks are in The Bronx? To find all of the best outdoor dog spots, check out the list below!

The hustle and bustle make The Bronx a great place to be all year round! Whether you want to take your pup to a dog park to make friends, go for a run on a dog-friendly trail, or take in a youth sports game during those hot summer months… The Bronx is the place to be! And it's definitely a dog-friendly borough.

We'll tell you all about the best on-leash and off-leash spots to take your pup around town and what each has to offer. The Bronx parks are a part of the New York City parks. The two have a lot in common, but there are nuanced differences. And they'll all be great choices for a doggy fun day with your furry best friend.

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But first things first… let's figure out where you're going to take your pup next!

Bronx Aerial View

The 7 Best Dog Parks, Off-Leash Areas, and Dog-Friendly Parks in The Bronx, NY:

  1. Pelham Bay Park Dog Run

  2. Barretto Point Park

  3. Bronx River Park Dog Run

  4. Devoe Park Dog Run

  5. Soundview Park & Dog Run

  6. St. Mary's Dog Run

  7. Canine Court

Pelham Bay Park Dog Run — Middletown Road & Stadium Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10465

Pelham Bay Park is more than three times the size of Central Park in Manhattan. It's the largest park property in the entire city, with miles of hiking, biking, and running trails. It also features two golf courses, 13 miles of shoreline, and plenty of other family-friendly areas like playgrounds.

Along with all the improvements made to the parkland, a wide range of plant and animal life calls this area home. If you and your pup love searching for unique plant life, this would be a great park for you.

Inside Pelham Bay Park, there is a dog run just inside the south entrance near Orchard Beach. This dog run is one of the first in the city and was designed for your pup to be off-leash.

In addition, there are certain areas inside the park where dogs must remain on leash and other spots where dogs aren't allowed, like playgrounds, fountains, sports fields, and tennis courts. Be sure to take note of these specific areas.

Overall, this is an excellent park for pups and their pet parents to enjoy a day in the sun together.

Barretto Point Park — Tiffany St & Viele Ave, Bronx, NY 10474

Located at Tiffany Street and Viele Avenue, this park offers a beautiful view of the East River. It's a great spot for dogs to run around and play. The park also has picnic areas and a floating pool in the summer. This makes it a perfect place for families with dogs.

Pelham Bay Bronx Park in Autumn

Bronx River Park Dog Run — Bronx Park East & Boston Rd, The Bronx, NY 10462

The Bronx River Park Dog Run—also known as The Bronx Park Dog Run—is an example of a community taking pride in what they have. This park is wonderfully taken care of and protected by its regular visitors. It isn't uncommon to find them laughing and joking while still maintaining an eye over their pups. And you can join in on the fun, community, and events at the park by following this group on Instagram.

This dog run has two separate areas: a larger run for larger dogs and a smaller run for smaller dogs. It has a double-gated entry, benches for the humans, is wheelchair accessible, and has large boulders for pups to play on and around.

While there isn't immediate parking, many visitors park at the nearby shopping center, walk over, or pay for street parking. The ground is a heavy layer of sand, making it fun to play, dig and easy to clean up. There are pet waste stations, trash cans, and a water fountain nearby for humans and canines alike.

Devoe Park Dog Run — W Fordham Rd, The Bronx, NY 10468

Located in the southwest corner of the Fordham Manor neighborhood, you'll find the Devoe Park Dog Run. This neighborhood dog park isn't very large but has a high-quality feel. There is one medium-sized space with heavy sand ground covering.

This dog run has all the necessary parts to make it a great place for you and your fur baby. The double-gated entry, benches for humans, and boulders for puppers make this a great park. Plus, everything is well-maintained and kept looking great. The vinyl-covered chain link fence and new pavement make it feel nice and clean.

Even though this park is a little smaller, it will still be a new favorite for you and your pup. The neighboring community loves this little park. If you become a frequent flyer at the Devoe Park Dog Run, both you and your fur baby will make plenty of friends in The Bronx.

Bronx Dog in Snow

Soundview Park & Dog Run — Lafayette Ave & Boynton Ave, The Bronx, NY 10473

Soundview Park runs along The Bronx River just before it spills into the East River. This park has a lot of mature trees, walking and biking paths, an amphitheater, and a well-maintained restroom facility. This is a great place to get some exercise, for family gatherings—canines included—and even to do a little fishing.

Inside Soundview Park, you can find the dog run at the north end—just off of Lafayette. This dog run is a lot like the other city dog parks with the heavy sand base, vinyl black chain link fence, and a double-gated entrance. There are some young trees planted here, but they aren't currently big enough to provide much shade. This is another great place in The Bronx to take your pup for some exercise.

Mary's Dog Run — 387 Jackson Ave., The Bronx, NY 10455

St. Mary's Dog Run is in the southwest corner of The Bronx in the Mott Haven neighborhood. This dog park is coveted as one of the best in The Bronx, and it's easy to see why. The layout is incredibly long and offers a round shape. If your pup isn't one to do zoomies, you might not understand how nice this is. With this type of space, your dog can run and run and run until they are totally worn out.

St. Mary's Dog Run also has a double-gated entrance, pet waste stations, water for humans and canines, benches, and boulders for dogs to jump and climb on.

While the dog run is excellent, let's not forget about St. Mary's Park itself. This is the largest park in the south Bronx, and it gets plenty of attention from the Mott Haven community. With its lush lawns, mature trees, and a running track, you'll see people of all ages—with and without canines—enjoying this park. It also has baseball fields, basketball courts, and a rec center.

Bronx Dog Walking in Snow

Canine Court — Broadway & W. 252nd Street, The Bronx, NY 10471

Canine Court is located on the west side of Van Cortlandt Park near the Fieldston neighborhood. The ground covering of this dog run is unique for NYC parks because it is a mixture of dirt—appears to be broken-down mulch—and some grassy spots. This dog run has canine agility equipment for your pup to play on.

And because Van Cortlandt Park is so large, there are two other dog runs within the park: Dog Bone Run at Gates Place & West Gun Hill Road and Oneida Run at Oneida Avenue & Van Cortlandt Park East.

The Van Cortlandt Park makes for a lovely space for leash training. There are plenty of biking and walking trails among nature that can help in the training process. While it is nice to put your pup in an off-leash area, sometimes leash training with plenty of squirrels is a great way to take your pup's training to the next level.

The Bronx Loves Dogs

With this many fantastic dog parks and dog-friendly spaces, it's easy to see just how much The Bronx loves its doggy residents and doggy visitors. And this list is just the tip of the iceberg!

Whether you live here year-round, you're staying for the season, or you're just visiting on vacation… There are more than enough places to go and things to do with your furry best friend in The Bronx!

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