The 8 Best Dog Parks in Cincinnati, OH

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Ready to experience the Queen City? Check out some of the top places to hang outside with your favorite pup.

If you love craft beer, sports, the outdoors, all four seasons, and your pampered pooch, Cincinnati is the place for you. Cincinnati, Ohio, checks so many boxes for you and is incredibly dog-friendly. Whether you live in Cincinnati or are considering moving here, it is safe to say canines and humans alike enjoy living in this great midwestern city.

Cincinnati didn’t miss the memo about the pet-parenting boom. There are so many dog-friendly bars, restaurants, and breweries to enjoy with your pup. It seems like everywhere you go, there are canines with their humans taking in the sites. If you’re looking for great outdoor activities with your pup, Cincinnati has that too. There are plenty of dog-friendly trails, dog-friendly parks, and off-leash parks too. So plan a day and get outside with your furbaby.

Are you interested in more dog-friendly activities in Cincinnati? Perhaps a lunch date with your pup? There are plenty of popular places inside and just outside Cincinnati. Get a drink or lunch and then find a park to enjoy together.

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But if you’re ready to get outside with your best friend, let’s check out the best dog parks and off-leash areas in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Dog Playing in Park

The 8 Best Parks, Dog Parks, and Off-Leash Areas in Scottsdale, AZ:

  1. Washington Park Dog Park

  2. Red Dog Park

  3. Highland Hills Dog Park

  4. Otto Armleder Dog Park

  5. Doris Day Mt. Airy Dog Park

  6. Kellogg Park Dog Field

  7. Wiggly Field Dog Park

  8. Simmonds Family Dog Park

Washington Park Dog Park — 1230 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Washington Park Dog Park is a gem for the downtown community of OTR—Over-the-Rhine. This park isn’t huge, but it packs a mean punch and is best for socializing with friends. The park is just over 12,000 square feet. It has a creek, dog water fountain, boulders to play on, and plenty of benches for the humans to wait for their canines to run out of energy.

The “grass” is actually turf, and that means you don’t need to worry about mud on those spring and fall rainy days.

Red Dog Park — 5081 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Red Dog Park is a members-only—$150 per year—off-leash park in Madisonville. This is a dog park run by Red Dog Resort and Spa. This well-cared-for dog park has three acres of natural grass, a water fountain for your pup to play in, plenty of waste stations, and even some walking paths. This park has seating and fun play equipment like agility items, tubes, and more. When you become a member, you will get a key fob for entrance and be able to enjoy this park open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year.

Cincinnati Dog Holding Leash in Mouth

Highland Hills Dog Park— 199 Mayfield Ave, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Highland Hills Dog Park is a community dog park across the Ohio River in Fort Thomas. It has separate areas for small and large breed dogs. The grass is rarely muddy due to it being on a hill. Inside the dog park, there are a few trails to enjoy. The only downside is the water fountain is outside the fenced-in area, so you may want to bring your own water. What makes this park fun is that it is a part of a much larger park too. The 77-acre park is a nice added perk. You can get some leash training and then free your crazy canine for a romp in the off-leash area.

Otto Armleder Dog Park — 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Otto Armleder Dog Park is an incredible place for your favorite furbaby to get some exercise or meet new friends. On the east side of Cincinnati, you’ll find one of the best dog parks in the area. There are 10 acres of fenced-in space to explore. Inside the dog park, you’ll find dog drinking fountains, benches, separate areas for small and large breeds, and a shower for your pup. In addition, there is a dog-friendly 1.9-mile loop trail too.

It is important to note the park closes when the Ohio River rises to 42 feet to prevent issues should the park flood. Besides that, the park is open 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk.

Cincinnati Skyline at Dusk

Doris Day Mt. Airy Dog Park — 3006 Westwood Northern Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Mt. Airy Forest is a giant dog-friendly park with 1,500 acres to meander through with miles of trails. There is a lake, disc golf, a famous treehouse, and much more. Inside Mt. Airy Forest is the Doris Day Mt. Airy Dog Park. This dog park has a two-acre enclosure in the middle of the forest with agility equipment, dog water fountains, and areas for small and large dog breeds. Outside of the off-leash area, you can explore the many trails on a leash.

In the winter months, the water fountains will be turned off. And while there are pet waste stations near the beginning of trails and inside the dog park, you may want to bring your own as you explore this 1,500-acre dog-friendly park.

Kellogg Park Dog Field — 6701 Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230

In Anderson Township, you’ll find a 21-acre park with four acres dedicated as Kellogg Park Dog Field. This permit-only dog park is as aesthetically pleasing as it gets. It has a beautiful grassy area, a dog fountain, and even a mural. The dog park is open from dusk to dawn—as is the theme in the Cincinnati area—and will occasionally close for maintenance.

The cost for the membership is $45 for the first dog and $30 for each additional dog for Anderson Residents. For those living outside Anderson Township, it is $75 for the first dog and $50 for each additional dog. You will need to submit vaccination records and go through an application process. Sometimes this can be a hassle, but at least you know everyone else had to go through the same process. This means they have committed pet parents, and the dogs at the park are safe for your pup to play with!

Cincinnati Dog During Fall in Park

Wiggly Field Dog Park — 7850 VOA Park Dr, West Chester, OH 45069

North of downtown Cincinnati, you’ll find Wiggly Field Dog Park. It is located inside the Voice of America MetroPark, a 435-acre park. This is one of the larger Cincinnati area parks. There are two separate fenced-in areas for small and large breed dogs, shade trees, benches, and pet waste stations. This park is great for those looking to do some leash training, in addition to letting their pup have some time off-leash to run and play with their canine friends. If you live in a suburb on the north side, you’ll love the convenience of this park.

Simmonds Family Dog Park — 8715 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Cleves, OH 45002

With four separate fields and 11 acres of an off-leash dog park, we may have saved the best for last. The size of this park and the layout makes this one of the best parks. The Simmonds Family Dog Park has water fountains for dogs, shade trees, and some canine agility equipment. This is truly a park designed with a canine-first mentality. Because they have four separate fields, they can rotate the big dog section back and forth and are able to maintain this park.

Best Dog Parks in Cincinnati, OH

With this many wonderful dog parks—and even more not listed here—it’s obvious why humans and canines view Cincinnati as a great place to call home. If you and your pup choose to make this city your hometown, you’ll never run out of fun places to go and things to do together.

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