The 13 Best Dog Parks in Columbus, OH

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The Buckeye state sure is a friendly one… especially to the pups! And Columbus is no exception. Check out the top dog parks in your city.

Ready for some fun in the sun with your furry best friend? Let’s take a little tour around town to find the best dog parks and off-leash areas for you and your pup to enjoy together. We’ll let you know what we found out about each park, and what exactly they have to offer.

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But if you’re ready for the parks… Let’s jump right in!

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The 13 Best Parks, Dog Parks, and Off-Leash Areas in Columbus, OH:

  1. Alum Creek Dog Park
  2. Battelle Darby Creek
  3. Big Walnut Dog Park
  4. Glacier Ridge
  5. Godown Dog Park
  6. Heritage Trail Dog Park
  7. Prairie Oaks
  8. Rocky Fork
  9. Scioto Audubon Metro Park Dog Park
  10. Spindler Dog Park
  11. Three Creeks Dog Park
  12. Walnut Woods
  13. Wheeler Memorial Dog Park

Alum Creek Dog Park — 3993 Hollenback Rd, Lewis Center, OH 43035

This large dog park is just north of Columbus. There are separated fenced-in areas for small and large dog breeds to play safely. And your dog can even swim here! There are three different spots where your pup will have access to the lake within the fenced-in spaces. This dog park is well-maintained by a volunteer group called the Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park. The volunteers began to build this dog park in 2005 and were able to complete it in 2006. It became such a hit that they actually had around 300,000 visitors to the dog park in the year 2008 alone.

Battelle Darby Creek — 1775 Darby Creek Dr, Galloway, OH 43119

Battelle Darby Creek is a park with over 7,000 acres of beautiful nature to explore. And it runs right along both the Big and Little Darby Creeks. Not only have they restored the 1,600 acres of prairies and wetlands, but they’ve actually reintroduced Bison into this park. But don’t worry—they are only able to freely roam within two enclosed pastures. So the Bison won’t be sneaking up on you and your pup. Your dog must remain on-leash at this park, but there are plenty of peaceful trails to explore together.

Big Walnut Dog Park — 5000 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, OH 43227

The Big Walnut Dog Park has separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs. It also offers restrooms, picnic tables, and plenty of parking for the humans. But the best part is that there is a pretty large pond where your energetic canine can swim, splash and play!

Columbus-dog-park - dog agility

Glacier Ridge — 9801 Hyland Croy, Plain City, OH 43064

Glacier Ridge was once 1,037 acres of farmland. But today, you and your pup can enjoy walking on one of the five trails, including the boardwalk over the Honda Wetlands Area, as long as they are on a leash. If your dog wants to run off-leash, no problem! There is a 2.5-acre off-leash dog park with “an open field, drinking fountains, paved path and a wooded area for dogs to explore.” Your pup is even welcome to join you in the picnic areas.

Godown Dog Park — 6099 Godown Rd, Columbus, OH 43235

Godown Park is primarily used for its off-leash dog park. The entire park is 10 acres with a 1-acre small dog section, and a 4.5-acre large dog section. There are benches, a dog water fountain, and walking paths throughout the park. This park has plenty of parking, lots of shade trees, and plenty of fenced-in space for your pup to run around freely.

Heritage Trail Dog Park — 7262 Hayden Run Road, Hilliard, OH 43026

Heritage Trail Dog Park is a well-maintained off-leash area in Hilliard, OH. It has two separate fenced-in sections for small and large dogs. This park also provides shelters, picnic tables, and benches. But the best part about this dog park is its canine agility equipment.

Prairie Oaks — 3225 NE Plain City-Georgesville Rd, West Jefferson, OH 43026

This park is great for your more outdoorsy dogs who are well-behaved enough to be off-leash. There are some on-leash trails where you and your pup can go for a stroll together. But dogs are allowed off-leash down by the lake. It’s not fenced-in, so make sure your dog listens well. This could be a great spot to visit with your dog on a hot summer day.

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Rocky Fork — 7180 Walnut Street, Westerville, OH 43081

Rocky Fork has its own dog park and picnic area. It contains a large picnic shelter with two grills. And the dog park is a 1.8-acre off-leash area that is fenced-in. Or you can take your pup for a walk on the 0.3-mile dog trail. It’s a loop trail, and dogs are actually allowed off-leash there too. Any of the other trails do require dogs to be on a leash.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park — 400 W Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43215

Scioto Audubon Metro Park is a 120-acre recreational park with tons of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and a 2.5-acre fenced-in dog park where canines can run off-leash. There are separate sections for small and large dogs, a water fountain, and a sandpit. They even have canine agility equipment for dogs to jump on and play with. This will help keep your pup entertained for quite a while. On top of that, you’ll get some great views of the Scioto River right next door.

Spindler Dog Park — 2121 Spindler Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026

Spindler Dog Park has two separate fenced-in areas for both large and small dogs. Canines can be off-leash here, and waste bags are typically provided. There are picnic tables, restrooms, and plenty of parking. Plus a drinking fountain and even a paved walking path inside of the fenced-in dog park. This park is quite large, with plenty of grassy space for your pooch to run and play.

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Three Creeks Dog Park — 3860 Bixby Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

Three Creeks Dog Park also has separate fenced-in spaces for small and large dogs. This off-leash area has drinking fountains and waste stations. And for the humans, there are restrooms, picnic tables, and parking with handicap accessibility. The park is large with plenty of green grass to play on. But the best part is all of the walking trails available for you and your furry friend to enjoy together.

Walnut Woods — 6716 Lithopolis Rd, Groveport, OH 43125

Walnut Woods has four pet-friendly trails that range from 1.3 miles to 2.6 miles. These are the Buckeye Trail, Kestrel Trail, Monarch Trail, and Sweetgum Trail. On top of that, there is an off-leash 3-acre dog park for large dogs, plus an off-leash 1-acre park for small dogs. And don’t forget about the awesome fenced-in pond and beach where dogs can splash and play all day! You and your pooch will both love this place.

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park — 725 Thurber Dr. W, Columbus, OH 43215

Wheeler Memorial Dog Park is an off-leash area that is fully fenced-in. Not only do they have grassy open spaces, hills, and trees, but humans can sit and relax on the benches. Or you can even take your pup for a stroll on the walking paths provided. There is a water station and trash cans. And there are separate sections for small and large dogs, as well as picnic tables and benches.

Time for Some Fun at the Dog Parks of Columbus

Columbus has more than enough dog parks, off-leash areas, and dog-friendly trails to keep you and your pup busy all summer long. Now it’s time to get out of the house for some fresh air and exercise, and let your crazy canine have some fun!

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