The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Milwaukee

Looking for a Dog Walker in Milwaukee

Ready for a fun time out on the town with your furry best friend? Check out the best pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and breweries that Milwaukee has to offer!

If you own a dog in Milwaukee, you have to check out these dog-friendly eateries, coffee shops, and pubs. You wouldn't believe just how many restaurants will invite your dog in with open arms. Whether you're looking for a place with great beer, burgers, or coffee—it's on this list!

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Now, if you're as hungry as I am, let's get onto the list!

milwaukee dog-friendly restaurants

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars in Milwaukee, WI:

  1. Art*Bar
  2. The Backyard
  3. Balzac
  4. Black Husky Brewing
  5. Broken Bat Brewing Co.
  6. Camp Bar
  7. Cafe Benelux
  8. Cafe Hollander
  9. Club Charlies
  10. Colectivo Lakefront
  11. Mobcraft Brewery & Taproom
  12. Palomino Bar
  13. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
  14. Sail Loft
  15. The Yard at Iron Horse Hotel

Art*Bar — Riverwest

Art*Bar is a popular dog-friendly bar in Riverwest with a relaxing outdoor patio where you and your furry best friend can enjoy some sunshine together. And this bar actually lets you bring your dog indoors to hang out too! So pick up your pup, and stop in for one of their many delicious drinks, some great art and live music, and even coffee! The tagline on their Facebook page says, "Just the ABC's: Art, Booze, and Coffee." I think this pretty well sums up what they offer to the community.

The Backyard — Bay View

The Backyard is known for its delicious pizzas, daily happy hours, "cook your own meat" fire pits, and small fenced-in dog park/patio. This place loves pups so much that their entire back patio is fenced-in with a grassy area just for dogs! And although their food menu is limited, they allow their customers to bring their own meats, and cook them up on the firepits themselves. It definitely has that backyard feel—like you're hanging out at a friend's house.

Balzac — Lower East Side

Balzac is a vintage wine bar in the Lower East Side. This dog-friendly restaurant and winery serves unique, artisan small plate dishes that taste as good as they look! They also provide two pet-friendly, cozy patios with beautiful string lighting. Perfect for that weekend date night!


Black Husky Brewing — Upper East Side

Black Husky Brewing is a dog-friendly brewery. It was inspired by the owners' son's dog sled huskies. And each of the beers brewed here is associated with one of those beloved dogs. They don't serve any food, but they do allow their customers to bring in food from other restaurants—including deliveries. And best of all, they allow dogs to hang out with you on their outdoor patio, as well as inside the taproom. They just have to remain on-leash, and be on their best behavior.

Broken Bat Brewing Co. — Harbor View

Broken Bat Brewery & Taproom moved locations in April 2020 from the Historic Third Ward just a few blocks over to the Harbor View area and Walkers Point Neighborhood on Pittsburgh Ave. This dog-friendly brewery is baseball-themed and offers plenty of TVs with sports playing from open to close. In addition to craft beers, they also serve craft sodas, and even have indoor wiffleball!

Camp Bar — Historic Third Ward

Camp Bar is a dog-friendly bar that will make you forget you're still in the city. They provide a two-story pet-friendly patio where you and your pup can kick back and relax together. They serve pizzas, appetizers, and lots of delicious drinks. Their indoor space has a rustic theme with deer antlers on the walls, and their outdoor patios are furnished with cabin-style furniture and railings made from tree branches.

Cafe Benelux — Historic Third Ward

Cafe Benelux "celebrates the unique culture of Lowlands Europe with an award-winning Belgian bier selection, a full from-scratch menu, and one of Milwaukee's most unique rooftop patios." Their delicious menu has influences from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. And your favorite furry friend can join you on their beautiful outdoor patio.


Cafe Hollander — Northpoint

Cafe Hollander and Cafe Benelux are both owned by the Lowlands Group. And because of that, Cafe Hollander is also a high-quality, unique restaurant and bar with a gorgeous pet-friendly patio, and Belgian beers you have to try!

Club Charlies — Walker's Point

Club Charlies has a large, street-side patio that is very pet-friendly. They even provide a stack of water bowls for your pup. And their dog-loving staff will bring your pup their very own dog treat. This dog-friendly restaurant and bar not only has great drinks, but they provide appetizers like breaded mushrooms and Mac's fried cheese balls. Be sure to try their main dishes like burgers, melts, and hoagies. And if you need vegetarian items, they've got that too!

Colectivo Lakefront — Northpoint

Colectivo Lakefront is a cafe and coffee shop built in the historic Milwaukee River Flushing Station. Their giant outdoor patio and beer garden is pet-friendly, and you'll get to enjoy the beautiful architecture of this historic building. During the summers, they host the "Florentine Opera, Musica del Lago & the Friday Nite Music Series as well as weekly Tuesday Night Trivia." The patio and building are surrounded by large shade trees, lush grassy spaces, and even paved walking paths for you and your pup to take a stroll together. But before you do, make sure to order some of their specialty coffee drinks, cafe-style foods, or even a cold beer.

Mobcraft Brewery & Taproom — Walker's Point

Mobcraft Brewery & Taproom is a dog-friendly local craft brewery and offers up craft brews like their famous Hop Goes the Grapefruit and Diligence Peach. In addition to their creative beers, they also serve up some pretty awesome pizzas! And you know that the community loves this place when you find out that they actually create their monthly brews through crowdsourcing votes. It's a pretty unique way to get everyone involved.

Palomino Bar — Bay View

Palomino Bar is a dog-friendly pub spot in the Bay View area. They take great pride in both their food and drinks. On their website, they say: "The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally and our Southern inspired, belly-warming food is made all from scratch. We've got one of the best whiskey lists in the city... great handcrafted cocktails, well-chosen craft beers, as well as ice-cold, crispy brews from the Big Boys. And the pie is great too."


Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery — Westown

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery has a peaceful outdoor patio overlooking the river where your pup can join you for a meal and a drink. Their menu offers up food items like pizzas, burgers, tacos, and so much more! Plus a variety of beers on tap. Rock Bottom is a great place to hang out after a long day at work.

Milwaukee Sail Loft — Third Ward

The Milwaukee Sail Loft is a fantastic waterfront restaurant located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not only does it offer stunning views of Lake Michigan, but it also welcomes four-legged friends with open arms. With its dog-friendly patio, owners can enjoy a delicious meal while their furry companions relax by their side. The staff at the Milwaukee Sail Loft is known for being attentive and accommodating to both humans and their canine pals, making it a perfect spot for dog lovers to dine and unwind.

The Yard at Iron Horse Hotel — Walker's Point

The Yard at Iron Horse Hotel is a great place to bring your dog for a night's stay or a delicious meal. This pet-friendly hotel and restaurant allows dogs to accompany their owners out on their beautiful patio, inside the lobby, and in the outdoor play area just for dogs. Plus, treats and water bowls are always provided. This dog-friendly restaurant's motto is: "Keep it hearty. Cook with fire. Eat with company. Drink with spirit." I think that just about says it all!

Dog-Friendly Milwaukee

Did you have any idea just how dog-friendly Milwaukee really was? Well, now that you've seen what this city has to offer in the dog-friendly restaurant category, it's time to pick up your pup for a furry-friend lunch date, and hit the town together!

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