The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Miami, FL

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Are you going to Miami? As one of the most popular cities in the United States, this town is full of dog-friendly places to go, things to do, and restaurants to eat at! Check out our list of the top pet-friendly eateries in Miami, and what each place has to offer.

Miami is the perfect mix of cool beach vibes and fast-paced excitement. This city is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and delicious varieties of food! And lucky for us, there are tons of delicious, unique eateries that allow dogs to join their dog moms and dog dads out on the patio.

These days, it seems like just about any restaurant with a patio will offer dog-friendly seating. But it's always good to double-check before you show up. Plus, how do you know which places are the dog-friendliest? And what all do they have to offer you and your sweet pup? Well, we've got a list of our favorite pet-friendly restaurants, bars, and breweries in Miami, just for you!

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But if you don't have the time to take your pup to the park or go on a doggy lunch date… No worries! You can make sure your favorite dog gets plenty of exercise, love, and attention by hiring a local dog walker! Click here to find all of the best local pet care in Miami.

But if you're ready for a variety of delicious cuisines at pet-friendly places, check out our list below.

Miami dog friendly restaurants

The 12 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries in Miami, FL:

  1. ALL DAY
  2. Atchana's Homegrown Thai
  3. Boia De
  4. Carrot Express
  5. Cielito Artisan Pops
  6. Cracked by Chef Adrianne
  7. Glass and Vine
  8. Greenstreet Cafe
  9. KUSH
  10. Sawa Restaurant & Lounge
  11. Sushi KONG

ALL DAY — Downtown

ALL DAY is a quaint cafe and dog-friendly wine bar that serves gourmet coffee. They are known for their amazing brunches—from the French toast and pastries to their extensive "eggs + more" menu. And don't forget about the specialty coffee and espresso drinks, wines, and beers. You can enjoy their main menu while your furry friend enjoys one of their homemade, meaty dog treats. And you can sit together on their cute outdoor patio.

Atchana's Homegrown Thai — Coconut Grove

Atchana's Homegrown Thai is a family-owned, dog-friendly Thai restaurant in Coconut Grove. They describe themselves like this: "We provide honest, down-home authentic Thai food reminiscent of our childhood. Serving delicious, unique dishes in a friendly atmosphere where you feel at home." Not only are they friendly to the human customers, but they love their doggy customers too. In fact, they have a doggy menu with rice bowls for canines, including chicken, beef, or salmon mixed with veggies in a coconut broth.

Boia De — Buena Vista

Boia De is a dog-friendly restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating. They are known for certain specialties like their ribeye and king crab. And dogs can even order off their own menu from a local company called Pup & Pantry. These treats are handcrafted and all-natural, so you can feel good about treating your sweet pup. Boia De's outdoor patio is pet-friendly, and seats up to 25 humans, plus room for the four-legged guests. And they will provide your pup with their own water bowl.


Carrot Express — Downtown

Carrot Express is a dog-friendly eatery focused on serving up delicious, healthy meals to the greater Miami area. They have seven different locations throughout the city because people are craving flavorful, healthy foods. Try out their salmon burger or the avocado and pico de gallo. And you can enjoy all of these healthy foods with your favorite furry companion right by your side!

Cielito Artisan Pops — Wynwood

Cielito Artisan Pops is a dog-friendly gourmet ice cream shop. And at this place, you can create your own ice cream pop from endless flavors and toppings. But don't worry, Cielito makes doggie pops too! They only use pet-safe ingredients for your special furbaby. So you can both enjoy a refreshing treat in the hot weather together.

Cracked by Chef Adrianne — South Miami

Cracked by Chef Adrianne has two locations—South Miami and The Wharf. And both are very pet-friendly. Your pupper can join you on the outdoor patio for a fun lunch date while you enjoy some of their classic Filet Mignon Steak Sandwiches, Belgian Waffles, or Croque Madame Sandwiches. And just like many other dog-friendly restaurants in Miami, this place has a doggy meal of its own—made from sweet potato hash with carrots and green apples. And, of course, their own bowl of ice water.


Glass and Vine — Coconut Grove

Glass and Vine is a sophisticated, dog-friendly restaurant with excellent dishes and wines. You have to see this outdoor patio to believe it. "Lose yourself in an intimate secret garden by the sea. Partake of culinary creations featuring a bounty of locally-sourced ingredients and designed to be shared amongst groups." Serving brunch, lunch, and dinner, you won't be disappointed with anything you choose here.

Greenstreet Cafe — Coconut Grove

Greenstreet Cafe is a popular pet-friendly eatery for all the dog lovers out there. They have a great outdoor patio with shade umbrellas and plenty of space for your little pooch to join you. Their menu is all American food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They serve meals from decadent French toast to mouth-watering burgers. And don't forget to enjoy a little cocktail after work. The best part about bringing your furry best friend with you is that they'll usually get a little treat of some bacon or grilled chicken, plus their own bowl of ice water.

KUSH — Wynwood

KUSH is a quirky, artsy, pet-friendly Miami restaurant with four locations around the city. Three of the four locations offer a special doggy menu, so your pup can enjoy their own meal of tasty foods like chicken, rice, carrots, and peas. And for the humans, KUSH serves beer, wine, and gourmet pub food from scratch, like burgers, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and desserts.


Sawa Restaurant & Lounge — Industrial Section

Sawa Restaurant & Lounge is another one of the many examples of the melting pot of Miami. This dog-friendly restaurant is an upscale, contemporary combination of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. "Dishes span the realm of tapas, kebabs, and sushi. In fact, Sawa means 'Togetherness' in Arabic, and 'Harmony' in Japanese." Which perfectly captures their intent to bring together two very different cuisines into one delicious meal.

Sushi Kong — Coral Gables

Sushi Kong is a Japanese pet-friendly restaurant that uses Latin influences in its cuisine. Pick a traditional Japanese dish like sushi rolls, and expect to find a fun, unique addition or twist. Canines are allowed to join their dog moms and dog dads out on the patio. And pups even get their own doggy meal—a mix of wet and dry salmon dog food and carrots. Does this place love dogs, or what?

Is Miami perfect for your next dog date?

Now that you've read this list, you can clearly see that the answer is YES! As long as they have an outdoor patio, it seems that the majority of Miami restaurants are pet-friendly. And not only that… But many of them provide their own fresh-made doggy treats or even their own doggy menu for your precious furball. If Miami isn't a dog-friendly city, then I don't know what city is.

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