9 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Lexington, KY

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Are there dog-friendly restaurants in Lexington, KY? And what are the best dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating? Check out the best places in Lexington for a meal with your dog!

Lexington, KY, is known for horse breeding, horse shows, and farms. But did you know that Lexington is also a very dog-friendly city? It is a great place to live or visit with your furry best friend.

This city is so pet-friendly that there are tons of dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and breweries in and around Lexington. These eateries will let you bring your precious pup onto their pet-friendly outdoor patio while you enjoy a great meal or even a cold brew. Check out our favorites below for a list of the dog-friendliest places to eat.

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Now, if you're ready to find some of Lexington's best restaurants and bars with pet-friendly patios, let's check out this list!

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The 9 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries in Lexington, KY:

  1. Blue Stallion Brewing Co.
  2. Double Dogs
  3. West Sixth Brewery
  4. Charlie Brown's Restaurant and Lounge
  5. Proud Mary BBQ
  6. Columbia Steakhouse
  7. The Local Taco Lexington
  8. Smithtown Seafood
  9. Sutton's

Blue Stallion Brewing Co. — North District

Blue Stallion Brewing Co. is a dog-friendly restaurant and bar with German and British brews, German-American food, and an outdoor pet-friendly patio where your pup can sit with you. Their food menu includes vegetarian options, vegan options, gluten-free options, and plenty of meaty and carb-loaded options. You'll see the German theme throughout their menu, but that doesn't exclude some familiar American favorites.

You'll find quite the combination of the two from food options like sourdough pretzels, greens and artichoke dip, a German "hamburger," spaetzle and mushroom, tomato bisque, grilled cheese, smoked brisket chili and cornbread, and much more. And their beer options make quite the perfect pairing with their meals.

Double Dogs — Hamburg Area

Double Dogs is a dog-friendly sports bar and restaurant with plenty of outdoor pet-friendly seating for you and your pooch. This place is so dog friendly that everything is dog themed. Their motto is even "Sit. Stay. Eat." You can try out some of their famous wings, nachos, burgers, fries, chili, or even a salad. Just as long as you make sure to add a refreshing cold beer in one of their frosted mugs and a decadent, tasty dessert. And their outdoor patio is just beautiful!

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West Sixth Brewery — Northside District

West Sixth Brewery is a dog-friendly restaurant and brewery with a tap room that gives tours and hosts private events. For the food menu, they have teamed up with Smithtown Seafood to provide you with authentic seafood dishes like shrimp cocktails, beer-steamed mussels, Buffalo catfish bites, oyster and grits, cape codder, a buffalo catfish sandwich, and even a vegan artichoke filet of fish. In addition to traditional seafood, they also provide various tacos, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and burgers. And don't worry; there's even a kid's menu.

So if you're ready to check out their tap room to see where the magic is made, try an authentic, handcrafted West Sixth Brewery beer, and hang out with your friends—and furry best friend—for dinner, this is the place to be!

Charlie Brown's Restaurant and Lounge — Chenault Road

Charlie Brown's Restaurant and Lounge is a dog-friendly restaurant and bar with outdoor pet-friendly seating for you and your pup. This place has burgers, chicken, fries, fried fish, chili, salads, and desserts like specialty brownies and cheesecake. They even have seasonal specialty drinks like hard ciders. This bar has a laid-back, fun vibe where locals like to hang out, kick back, and relax. So if you're looking for a new hangout that will welcome your dog with open arms, try Charlie Brown's Restaurant and Lounge.

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Proud Mary BBQ — Southern Lexington

Proud Mary BBQ is a dog-friendly restaurant with a large, beautiful, pet-friendly outdoor patio for you and your pooch to enjoy together. They call themselves a "honky tonk bbq," and the song, Proud Mary, is their restaurant's theme. You can find all your barbecue favorites here, like beer cheese, fried pickles, pulled pork nachos, brisket, pulled chicken, burgers, catfish po-boys, brisket sandwiches, sausage, and so much more! Plus, you won't want to miss out on their amazing sides, like their baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, collard greens, jambalaya, and even a cucumber and tomato salad.

Columbia Steakhouse — North District

Columbia Steakhouse is a dog-friendly restaurant with an adorable outdoor pet-friendly patio. The menu offers a variety of foods like chicken strips, homemade fried mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, and beer cheese, all on their appetizer menu. For steaks, they have tenderloin of beef, New York strip, T-bone, ribeye, sirloin, prime rib, and Columbia steak tips. Although steak is what they are known for, they have a variety of other options, including chicken dinners, vegetable dinners, barbecue pork ribs, seafood, sandwiches, salads, and soups. And, of course, they have several delicious desserts to choose from.

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The Local Taco Lexington — Historic South Hill

The Local Taco Lexington is a dog-friendly restaurant described as an "eclectic and unique Tex-Mex restaurant." The restaurant's interior is a modern rustic vibe, and the outside looks like a beautiful old mansion. And the outdoor pet-friendly patio is elevated to look over the surroundings. And it is quite beautiful and relaxing. They're open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Fridays, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Saturdays, and 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Sundays. And they serve delicious Tex-Mex food like tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, salads, and various dips and sides. Plus, every meal is complete with a sopapilla a la mode or brownie a la mode.

Smithtown Seafood — West Sixth

Smithtown Seafood is an innovative restaurant that serves up fresh, sustainable seafood right in the heart of Lexington. Dogs are invited to join their owners on the outdoor patio, where they can bask in the bustling atmosphere of the West Sixth Brewing courtyard. What sets Smithtown apart is their use of locally-sourced ingredients and their partnership with FoodChain, an urban aquaponics farm. They offer a diverse menu with everything from fish tacos to burgers, catering to all tastes. The restaurant is committed to community engagement, hosting events and workshops focused on food sustainability. It's a fantastic choice for eco-conscious diners who want to share a meal with their dog.

Sutton's — Man O'War Place

Sutton's is a dog-friendly Italian restaurant with an outdoor pet-friendly patio. Sentence serves up delicious classics like strombolis, Italian subs, meatball subs, flatbread pizzas, chicken parmesan, create-your-own pasta, lasagna, chicken alfredo, and much, much more! In addition to those classics, you'll find a variety of other food choices like fish and chips, Mediterranean salad, Tuscan marinated pork chop, and a prime top sirloin. And, of course, they have delicious desserts, sides, soups and salads, and an alcoholic drink menu. This beautiful restaurant is the perfect place for a night out on the town with your furry best friend.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Lexington, KY

With dog-friendly patios at restaurants, bars, and breweries, it's obvious how much Lexington, KY, loves its four-legged citizens and visitors. This city is a great place to live or vacation with your furry best friend. There's always some pet-friendly activity to do or place to go.

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