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Oysters, pizza slices as big as your head, and your favorite canine by your side. What more could you want in life? Check out the dog-friendliest restaurants in Tallahassee, Florida.

Tallahassee, FL, is clearly a dog-friendly town—and moving further in that direction. There are tons of places to go, things to do, and meals to have with your sweet pup. You are seeing new parks and dog-friendly restaurants pop up all over the Tallahassee area. Whether you're looking for the best burger in town, a vegan bite to eat, or anything in between… Tallahassee seems to have it!

Many restaurants and bars are adding pet-friendly patios to their establishments because they know how much pet parents like to spend time with their fur babies.

And if you're looking for great dog parks, Florida's state capital has that too. There are numerous dog parks, dog-friendly parks, and dog-friendly hiking trails in and around Tallahassee. Or if you need to find some great pet care professionals, we can help with that too. Click here to type in your zip code, and we'll show you all of the best dog walkers and pet sitters near you.

But if you're ready to get your grub on with your sweet pup… check out our list of the best dog-friendly eateries below.

Tallahassee Dog Smiling at Table

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars in Tallahassee, FL:

  1. Kool Beanz Cafe

  2. Canopy Road Cafe

  3. Uptown Cafe

  4. Gaines Street Pies

  5. The Edison Restaurant

  6. Power Plant Cafe

  7. Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

  8. Sweet Pea Cafe

  9. The Crum Box Gastgarden

  10. Momo's Pizza

Kool Beanz Cafe — Midtown

Kool Beanz Cafe offers a wide variety of food and drinks. Kool Beanz Cafe has brought great food, good energy, and a unique menu to a pet-friendly environment. And because of it, they've received numerous awards.

If you are in the midtown area of Tallahassee, you will be delighted by the unique menu inspired by the owner's life. Having lived and traveled to so many places, he brought it all together when he opened Kool Beanz in 1996—and Floridians have responded with their approval. One of the best parts is their daily changing menu. You can come again and again for something new and unique every time.

Your favorite furbaby is welcome to join you at one of their ten outdoor tables. And this outdoor patio isn't crowded. Even larger dogs will find plenty of space to join their pet parents here. In addition to ample space and tables, servers seem to be attentive to the dogs by giving them attention and promptly bringing a bowl of water.

Tallahassee Skyline

Canopy Road Cafe — Midtown

Fans of Canopy Road Cafe know there are multiple locations in Tallahassee. And while we are highlighting the Midtown location, all Canopy Road Cafe locations welcome pets onto their outdoor patio. Canopy Road Cafe prides itself on those traditional breakfast and lunch items, but they do it with an innovative, funky twist. With the laid-back, come-as-you-are feel, the staff will make you and your furbaby feel right at home.

On the outdoor patio, you'll find ample space and be greeted with a bowl of ice water for your pup, and there have been reports of bacon being delivered to your dog. So don't get jealous if they get more attention than you do.

This location has ceiling fans to help you and your pup stay comfortable, even on those hot, humid days. Because Canopy Road Cafe is a breakfast and lunch destination, it is good to remember they are open seven days a week from 6:30 AM to 2:15 PM.

Uptown Cafe — Lafayette Park

Tucked between Lafayette Park and Capital Hills is Uptown Cafe—a locally owned, dog-friendly Tallahassee restaurant. You'll find menu items like pancakes filled with bacon, salmon hash, and even banana bread french toast. Lunch items are similarly unique and provide an excellent experience for food.

Uptown Cafe has been around since 1983 and has become a staple in Tallahassee's downtown. If you and your pup are looking for a restaurant where you'll feel like family, this place might be your spot. Their patio is covered, and you'll both always be welcomed with a smile.

Gaines Street Pies — All Saints

This local pizzeria is known for its creative toppings and dog-friendly outdoor seating. Gaines Street Pies also offers vegan options, making it a great spot for all kinds of food lovers. Located in the All Saints District, you can view their menu at

Tallahassee Dog With Woman at Dinner

The Edison Restaurant — Cascades Park

The Edison Restaurant offers a fine-dining experience with a beautiful view. You rarely get the chance to sit on a patio overlooking a beautiful park, but The Edison raises the bar. They recommended you make reservations here. And here, you'll have an excellent menu with things like Skyway Chicken, Salmon Cortez, and Steak Frites.

The highlight for pet parents is the two patios that overlook the park. This makes it a memorable experience for you and your fur baby.

Power Plant Cafe — Cascades Park

In the same building as The Edison, you'll find Power Plant Cafe. This cafe offers walk-up orders for you to enjoy in the park. And it's an excellent option for you and your pup to spend time together while you enjoy your picnic in the park. But Power Plant Cafe does the cooking for you!

Tallahassee Dog Waiting at Dinner

Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack — Governor's Walk

Tallahassee's self-proclaimed "classiest oyster shack" serves only the finest Gulf Oysters. If you aren't into oysters, there are plenty of other menu options like veggie burgers, caribbean jerk chicken, mahi fritters, and other seafood options.

Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack is pet-friendly and provides outdoor picnic tables. Most of the time, the server will bring your pup a bowl of water. If they don't, you are welcome to ask for it, and they will be happy to bring your pup some water.

Sweet Pea Cafe — Park Terrace

Changing it up a little… we'll take a look at this delicious vegan restaurant and coffee bar. Loved for its brunch and friendly staff, patrons return time and time again. Sweet Pea Cafe is a locally-owned farm-to-table cafe with most of its produce coming from Full Earth Farm in Quincy, Florida.

Whether you are vegan, interested in trying vegan food, or want a delicious meal at a restaurant where your pup can join you, Sweet Pea Cafe is a great choice! The covered patio is dog-friendly, and they'll bring your pup a water bowl.

The Crum Box Gastgarden — Railroad Square

This red caboose in the Railroad Square Art Park is known for its "grind to grill" sausage. A quick look at The Crum Box Gastgarden's social media pages, and you'll quickly realize they have their own way of doing things. But their following loves it! The Crum Box Gastgarden has a unique menu and a great vibe.

For pet parents, you can grab a sandwich and take your pup to the large covered patio. There are ten picnic tables for your dog to join you. After your meal, you can "circle the square" to check out the area's art.

Tallahassee Dog and Woman at Table

Momo's Pizza — Griffin Heights

Momo's Pizza prides itself on serving "slices as big as your head!" With a menu focused on serving up some of the best pizza pies in Tallahassee, everyone is sure to find something they'll love. Momo's Pizza has unique specialties like the Kung Fu Pie, Quesa-Momo, and even a Vegan Pie. Outside of their pizza and pizza-like items, they have nine salads, seven appetizers, beer, and fountain drinks.

Remember that the Tennessee Street and Pensacola Street locations have a better patio environment for your pup than the Momo's Pizza on Market Street. You can expect to have a little more space for your pup at these two locations and will probably be greeted with a bowl of water.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Tallahassee, FL

Pet parents in Tallahassee are definitely spoiled with the numerous options of dog-friendly restaurants to choose from. Whether you want to have quick bites, brunch, or even a higher-end meal with a view, there's something for everyone!

Tallahassee businesses have realized the impact of creating spaces and places for pets to join their families. Each with its own unique flare, cozy patio, and individual twist on its cuisine. The only problem you'll face is deciding which one to try out first!

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