The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Des Moines

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Ready to get your grub on? Do you wish you could take your favorite pup? Well, you can! Check out the top dog-friendly places to eat in Des Moines.

Are you looking for dog-friendly places to go and things to do with your favorite pup? We're here to help! If you live in Des Moines, IA, with your precious fur baby, or you're thinking about moving here, you can do tons of things with your dog in this city.

The world is becoming more and more of a dog-friendly place, especially in the United States. Most of us treat our dogs like our children or our best friends. And who wants to leave their best friend at home all day—missing out on all the fun? We'd much rather bring our pups everywhere with us.

But where can you take your dog in Des Moines, IA? Well, believe it or not, there are tons of amazing restaurants, bars, and breweries all over the city that will provide you with a pet-friendly outdoor patio. Some restaurants will bring your dog a water bowl or doggy treats. And some places will even have their own doggy menu just for your pup. Great, right? And your dog will love it!

On top of that, I've seen some cities start to open up bar and dog park combos. These combos are the latest trend in dog-friendly restaurants.

Most dog park bars will have an outdoor dog park attached to the bar. But others will have an indoor dog park. How awesome is that? You get to enjoy a beer with your human friends while your pup makes all sorts of new canine friends.

But if you're looking for a dog-friendly outdoor activity, we've got a list for that. There are plenty of great dog parks and off-leash areas in and around Des Moines where you and your dog can play together, get some fresh air and exercise, and meet other dog enthusiasts.

And while you're looking for great dog-friendly places and businesses, don't forget about finding the best local pet care possible for your sweet pup. Click here to enter your zip code, and we'll help you find the best dog walkers, cat sitters, pet groomers, and more in Des Moines, IA.

But if you're starting to get as hungry as I am, let's talk about the dog-friendliest places to grab a bite in town.

Des Moines IA Dog At Restaurant

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants, Bars, and Breweries in Des Moines, IA:

  1. Clyde's Fine Diner
  2. Paws & Pints
  3. Fuzzy's Taco Shop
  4. Lua Brewing
  5. Noodles & Company
  6. Snookies Malt Shop
  7. St. Kilda
  8. Tasty Tacos

Clyde's Fine Diner — East Village

Clyde's Fine Diner is a dog-friendly eatery that is way classier than your typical diner. It has a bit of that diner feel but is completely updated and stylish. And the food is definitely gourmet. You'll be impressed with the incredible taste and the beautiful display of each meal. Just check out their website to see what I mean. You can enjoy a range of foods from burgers to seafood, and make sure to add a specialty cocktail. And all of this can be enjoyed with your pooch by your side on their relaxing outdoor patio.

Paws & Pints — Southside

Is it a bar? Or a dog park? Or a restaurant/coffeehouse? YES! Paws & Pints is a dog-friendly retreat for the pets and pet parents of Des Moines. This spot truly has it all. A great park, great food, cold drinks, and delicious coffee. Paws & Pints has tons of events, a doggy daycare, grooming, lodging, and nearly everything you need to have an amazing time with your pup and your friends!

Des Moines IA Dog Laying Down at Restaurant

Fuzzy's Taco Shop — Downtown

Fuzzy's Taco Shop offers dine-in, take-out, catering, and dog-friendly patio seating! They are known for their specialty tacos, margaritas, other cocktails, weekly specials, and happy hour. You can enjoy a refreshing drink with your Baja Tacos or a Burrito and get a plate of Nachos for the table. Or maybe you're in the mood for a meal from the "Breakfast Whenever" menu—available all day long!

Lua Brewing — Downtown

Lua Brewing is a dog-friendly restaurant and bar in Des Moines that brews its own beers on site. Lua Brewing has gourmet pub food options like loaded potato rosti, a pressed squash sandwich, and buffalo sweet potatoes. But don't worry, they still have the classics like their Lua smush burger, chicken wings, and a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. All of this can be enjoyed on their pet-friendly patio with one of their microbrews. They have a range of beers from "continentals" to darks and IPAs.

Des Moines IA Dog Licking Nose

Noodles & Company — Merle Hay

Noodles & Company is a delicious dog-friendly pasta restaurant chain with an outdoor patio where your pup can sit by your side while you eat. You can make your own pasta combination or try one of their chef-curated specialty dishes. Either way, you won't be disappointed here! The food is excellent, the service is friendly, and they love welcoming well-behaved dogs onto their patio.

Snookies Malt Shop — Beaverdale

Snookies Malt Shop is a local favorite. It's an old-school ice cream shop with plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pup to enjoy with all of your friends. Snookies has everything from shakes, malts, floats, and freezes to sundaes, arctic blasts, cones, slushes, and more! They even have some deluxe treats, and a special kids menu. But most importantly, don't forget about your dog. Not only is their patio seating pet-friendly, but they offer all dogs a free puppy cone! How great is that?

Kilda — Downtown

St. Kilda is a dog-friendly cafe and bakery that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus coffee, alcoholic beverages, and delicious baked goods. "St. Kilda Collective is a full-service restaurant serving farm-to-table dishes, fresh-baked pastries, artisanal coffee drinks featuring Counter Culture Coffee, and a full bar serving cocktails, beer, and wine." Try out some of their housemade crumpets, chili scramble, or some salmon and eggs. You can get a Tuscan sausage and kale soup, seared Halloumi & quinoa, or a crispy fried cod roll for lunch. And you can enjoy it all on their dog-friendly outdoor patio!

Tasty Tacos — Jordan Park

Tasty Tacos is a dog-friendly Mexican restaurant and was voted "CITYVIEW's Best Local Mexican Food, Best Local Tacos, and Best Local Place for a $5 Lunch!" Here, you'll find all of the classics like tacos, burritos, tostadas, nachos, enchiladas, and more! You can customize any meal the way you want it, and their prices are fantastic. This is a great place to take the whole family… including your sweet fur baby! They have pet-friendly outdoor seating, so your pup won't miss out on family fun night.

Des Moines IA Skyline

Dog-Friendly Des Moines, IA

It's easy to see how Des Moines loves its four-legged citizens. With this many excellent dog-friendly restaurants, Des Moines is the perfect place to live with your furry best friend. There are more than enough places to go and things to do with your dog in Des Moines, IA… you'll never be bored together!

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