Top Dog-Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Chicago

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Eating a good hot dog is just better when you've got a good dog by your side. Check out our favorite dog-friendly spots in Chicago, updated for 2023!

There is no doubt that Chicago is known for having one of the best food scenes in America, if not the world. With so many great restaurants, bars, and breweries, there is never a shortage of places to visit for a delectable treat or drink. The only probably is that, like us, you probably feel sad every time you have to leave your dog at home to visit one of Chicago's excellent eateries and breweries. Well, let that sadness evaporate like the last sip of a beer at Wrigley Field. Here is a list of dog-friendly restaurants, bars, breweries, and patios that will make any outing with your best friend a tail-wagging good time! If you just ate, we've also got a great list of our favorite dog parks in Chicago!

Dog under chair at restaurant for dog-friendly Chicago begging

10 of the Best Dog-Friendly Bars, Restaurants, and Breweries in Chicago

  1. Broken English
  2. Paradise Park
  3. Bucktown Pub
  4. Antique Taco
  5. Saint Lou's Assembly
  6. Taureaux Tavern
  7. Superdawg Drive-In
  8. Lo Rez Brewing and Taproom
  9. The Spoke & Bird
  10. Midwest Coast Brewing Company
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Broken English — Lincoln Park

Tacos, margaritas, dogs welcome — need we say more? If you are in the mood for one of the Chicago's tastiest tacos and don't feel like leaving your pup at home, check out Broken English taco pub in Lincoln Park.

Paradise Park — Wicker Park

Paradise Park is the perfect spot to grab a piece of pizza and hang out with your pup. With a large outdoor dining area and plenty of comfy seating options for humans and doggies, Paradise Park will be just like a little slice of paradise for your pup — especially if you give them a little nibble of that pizza!

Bucktown Pub — Bucktown

When the mood strikes for a low-key spot to grab a drink and some food, Bucktown Pub has just the vibe you are looking for. With a large outdoor patio, your happy little buddy will get to enjoy the hang too! Don't forget to have your favorite song picked out for karaoke.

Chicago style pizza for pet-friendly Chicago

Antique Taco — South Side & Wicker Park

Another taco place, on the South Side of town, Antique Taco has a large outdoor patio perfect taco-eating and behind the ear scratching — for your pups, of course. The original Antique Taco location in Wicker Park is also dog-friendly, so don't even think about leaving your dogs behind on Taco Tuesday.

Saint Lou's Assembly — West Loop

Serving up refined comfort food and a super lovely outdoor hangout, Saint Lou's Assembly could just be the perfect spot to take your dog on a date. With lots of outdoor seating, oversized umbrellas, and plenty of space, you'll feel like you're in the backyard you wish you had! Oh yeah, there's a bar outside, so you'll never have to see that sad face your pup makes when you walk away.

Taureaux Tavern — Downtown

You've probably had that feeling of going to a beautiful downtown French restaurant and thinking, "Wow, this is just about perfect. If only Pebbles were here." Well, lucky for you and Pebbles, Taureaux Tavern is the French restaurant of your dog's dreams. Gaze longingly into your pup's eyes while they stare back, longingly looking at that delicious French cuisine you're easting. If you feel like really indulging your four-legged fur child, you can order off Taureaux Tavern's canine brunch menu, which includes exquisite offerings such as scrambled eggs and flame-kissed hamburger.

Chicago hot dog for pet-friendly chicago

Superdawg Drive-In — Norwood Park

The dawg puns pretty much write themselves for this one. Superdawg Drive-In is a Chicago institution, offering the famous, Chicago-style hot dogs. Pair that with a milkshake or malt, and you've got yourself a seriously barking good meal. This one is mostly for the humans, but since it's a drive-in, your favorite co-pilot can enjoy a piece of Chicago's culinary history as well!

Lo Rez Brewing and Taproom — Pilsen

Located in Chicago's Lower West Side, Lo Rez Brewing and Taproom is the perfect place to grab a craft beer and sit outside with your pup. Humans must be over twenty-one, but dogs of any age are welcome — another benefit of being a dog.

The Spoke & Bird — South Loop

The Spoke & Bird in South Loop has an oversized patio with plenty of space for your pup to stretch out while you enjoy some coffee and tasty food while answering a couple of emails on your laptop.

Dog under chair at restaurant for dog-friendly Chicago

Midwest Coast Brewing Company —West Town

Midwest Coast Brewing Company is known for brewing up some great beers. They are also super dog friendly, so dog-friendly that they have been known to partner with local dog rescues. Their logo is a dog too, which is pretty cool.


This list is only a taste of the dog-friendly restaurants and breweries in Chicago. In a city known for great eats, you'll have fun exploring all the dog-friendly places that the Windy City has to offer. Eat, drink, and play fetch! Maybe not in that order.

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